2017 SEO: A Complete Search Engine Optimization(seo) Training In Urdu/Hindi

2017 SEO: A Complete Search Engine Optimization(seo) Training In Urdu/Hindi
What is Search Engine Optimization / SEO ? and How to do a complete SEO in 2017 ? (This training is only for Urdu Hindi speakers), If you’re interested in these questions so watch this training cause I’ve explained everything in very depth.


Q1. Why I mentioned 2017 word ?
It’s just a trick that people ‘ll be attract to SEO training and they can be learn easily just by implementing some easy strategy which I taught in this tutorial.

Q2. What Does Mean by Free Training ?
Easy answer is that i ‘ll upload my all SEO secrets tricks on this channel which ‘ll be Free forever so make sure you’ve subscribe on our channel for upcoming stunning tutorials.

Q3. Is this tutorial is just for Urdu Hindi speakers ?
Yes, but if you can understand yourself by just watching video so maybe & might be it for Worldwide but I don’t think so 😀

Q4. How we can rank Our website ?
I already done this ques answer in Video, make sure you watch with Sound up.

Q5. What is Keywords ?
Keyword mean some specials words which peoples are search for their problems and solutions for example if you need “iPhone6” so what you ‘ll do ? you ‘ll just type in Google iPhone6 and you ‘ll get all iPhone related search that’s mean “iPhone6″ is a keyword.

Q6. Well we receive upcoming SEO tutorials for free ?
Yes but not everyone on internet just those who have subscribe on my channel because i ‘ll share my upcoming tutorials with only subscribe.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”9SIx0CKfuNk” title=”2017 SEO: A Complete Search Engine Optimization(seo) Training In Urdu/Hindi” upload_time=”2016-01-17T15:18:08.000Z” description=”What is Search Engine Optimization / SEO ? and How to do a complete SEO in 2017 ? (This training is only for Urdu Hindi speakers), If you’re interested in these” duration=”PT22M44S”]

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  1. Great work this is wonderful SEO information. What do you think about my channel? I love to discuss SEO, SEM, and SMM concealed tricks as well.

  2. I have multiple pages WooCommerce website. Do I need to off page SEO for each of my website pages or just the homepage.?
    thank you

  3. sir meiny ap ka youtube ka 80 mint course or youtube ranking course daikh liye hai os mein ap ny kaha tha k video k backlinks bnany k liye mera seo ka course daikhain tou es course mein hai wo?

  4. Qabil-e-izat, Qabil-e-sataish, Qabil-e-qadar, laiq-e-takreem Sir,Sab se pehle mn dil se Ap ka mashkoor hoon Ap ke in sab Lectures ke liay.(mn ne srf youtube chnl ke sunne hain)youtube pe channal bnane ke liay Mn ne bohat sari videos dekheen,mgr kisi ke liay dil ne yeh nahi kaha keh yeh sahi hai.Phir pta ni kese ap ki ik video mili mukamal dekhi,( 2017 SEO- A Complete Search Engine Optimization(seo) Training in Urdu_Hindi ) phir mn ne Others channal ki mazeed bhi video dekheen mgr taskeen nahi mili,iss video ke zariay ap k channal tak poncha or jin videos ki talash thi un ko talash kia or dekha.Dil ne kaha yeh sahi hai.Sir! Mujhe lagta hai mere alfaz kuch ziada hi tareef ya khushamad ki janib bahrte ja rahe hain.mgr sachi bat yeh hai keh ap ka kam qabil-e-tareef hai.Akhri bat yeh keh na kisi ko like kia na subscribe kia or na hi ap ko jab tak ap ki videos ko mukamal na dekh lia.Mgr Ab oper se neche tk sab ko like kr dia hai??(mgr dekhi to srf 7 hain?)?Shukrya

  5. Dear Bhai jaan..thank you for this post…I am working towards opening my own travel business (startup level) with limited funds. I am been forced by the developer to go for SEO though him and he is charging huge money that I can’t bear right now as have a limited salary. I saw your post and it helped me a lot and I am keen to know more about SEO and related things that you have mentioned in this post. Please if you can send me the link for all of them. I tried searching them but couldn’t find, may be got confused with the names of the post. Please if you can share the link as that will be a great help.

    Thanks a lot again.

  6. Salam Sir,
    Sir manay suna hai k aysay keywords b hai jis k 70$ and 90$ CPC hai kya realy ? As par video banay bohot views aur subscriber melengay apko… Aur Sir views nhe arhay hai waisay hai Mushkel kam YouTube say paisa kamana…

  7. ham high competition k keywords kyow ni use krty
    waisy high pay log zyada paisa lga rahy hoty hey.

  8. how free web page that is crated in LinkedIn platform is ranked google within 1 hour. because number of people do that plz tell this

  9. AOA
    I am interested to learn How to Do SEO from Beginning to medium and expert level. Please guide me accordingly. If U have any such course plz send me its link!

    Best regards

  10. Asalam Walaikum. Nice Tutirial Video. Thank You For This Type Of Videos. Thank You Very Much

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