5 Favorite Mix Buss Plugins – Into The Lair # 114

5 Favorite Mix Buss Plugins – Into The Lair # 114
Dave Pensado shows you his top 5 favorite mix buss plugins for 2014 in the 114th Into The Lair.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”rqh7KSXJ2xQ” title=”5 Favorite Mix Buss Plugins – Into The Lair # 114″ upload_time=”2014-12-26T23:04:27.000Z” description=”Dave Pensado shows you his top 5 favorite mix buss plugins for 2014 in the 114th Into The Lair. Subscribe to our channel: Please ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’! ” duration=”PT9M27S”]

38 thoughts on “5 Favorite Mix Buss Plugins – Into The Lair # 114”

  1. PLZ, Help a newbie! I’ve downloaded some plugins, but they came in “.dll”
    how do I put it to work in Pro Tools????

  2. Not only todays music sucks but also limiters and compressors kill the
    music… So expensive equipment and they don’t use it properly.. Pathetic!

  3. I don’t hear any difference even when you click bypass on/off. Maybe mac
    records flat sound… 

  4. That maag looks a lot like the luftikus or vice versa. Thoughts? Have you
    used the luftikus?

  5. Im a reason user and so havent got the benefit of all these plugins that
    Protools guys and gals have. There are plenty being made now and Im hoping
    that after using reasons default eq’s compressors etc. They are going to be
    a revelation. Still managed to make tracks sound good with what I have but
    I know they could be better. I spend most of these vids trying to work out
    what the reason equivalents would be lol. 

  6. haha…Dave’s examples are always so short….”ok watch what this plugin
    does, it’s so amazing…” and then it’s like “BABY WE ARE –” did you hear
    that?? SOOO great, I love what they’re doing here….ok here it is one more
    time” “BABY WE A—” “So yeah, try that at home folks, it will change your
    world” lol too funny

  7. How comes you’re using more than one limiter? (L2 and the maximizer within

  8. Thanks again for your knowledge Dave!
    I love ozone as well super flexible. My favorite plugin to slap on really
    any bus that needs it would have to be the pultec pro legacy from UAD. That
    son of a gun is just like a warm glue it together tool

  9. Modern music is at three levels when mastered. 1)Loud 2)Louder and 3)Holy
    Shit My ears are bleeding!). :(

  10. These Pensado mixes sound pretty shit in my opinion. I like the fact, that
    he takes the time to educate people on his “methodology”, but the fact of
    the matter is: this is cotton candy in the form of music, and mixing.

    Harsh, harsh and over-exaggerated top end, really little room for the
    separate elements to breathe, squashed to death.

    I’m not getting in to the whole loudness war debate, that doesn’t interest
    me. But you really can be effective, and loud, without eliminating the
    space and *feel*, that a little more well thought out and moderate and
    sophisticated approach would bring.

  11. Hey, great video! Btw, would anyone be able to suggest some analog Eq’s for
    mastering from waves? I’ve been enjoying tape & comp plugins like the j37 &
    dbx 160, but for mastering eq I’ve always used the linear phase Eq or the
    L316. I was wondering if waves has any mastering equalizers that are models
    of actual units? Thanks everyone :)

  12. Man… I enjoy most of your videos, but this one… sorry, but I somehow
    boring and uninteresting. Sorry to say that though….

  13. I don’t know how that Busta would sound with out that noise you constantly
    have in the system but it surely wouldn’t sound better and so alive and
    powerful .. I hate sterile plastic hollow sound … tnx for the tips..

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