Advanced Mastering – Focusing The Master Bus Compressor

Advanced Mastering – Focusing The Master Bus Compressor
The final stage of your mix, Reason’s Master Compressor is a great way to give your song a little extra magic. But bass heavy music might benefit from an advanced mastering tip that helps focus the way the Master Compressor behaves. Ryan has made a short tip on the how and why of using the “external sidechain input” on Reason’s Master Bus Compressor to focus the signal that the compressor is listening to and reacting to. The result is much better compression that doesn’t get overwhelmed by Kick drums and bass frequencies, which can make the compressor overreact and squash the output too much or too universally.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”6IXjtqkVrCs” title=”Advanced Mastering – Focusing The Master Bus Compressor” upload_time=”2014-07-23T17:03:46.000Z” description=”The final stage of your mix, Reason’s Master Compressor is a great way to give your song a little extra magic. But bass heavy music might benefit from an advanced” duration=”PT5M9S”]

27 thoughts on “Advanced Mastering – Focusing The Master Bus Compressor”

  1. This is a great video, but +Propellerhead is there a way you can define
    this a little better, I get lost in translation when it comes to dialog, is
    there a written form of this; while still maintaing a simple explanation?

  2. What a great tip! And all this time I have been avoiding the MBC like the
    plague because it made my tracks sound horrible. Now I see how to use it!

    I tried it on a mix and already saw a great result! Thanks. You guys
    desperately need to do more vids like this one!

  3. Can anyone suggest a good sound card to use with Reason 7? I am using the
    built in sound card on my mobo which is an Asus. I have read that any ASIO
    sound card is better than any other, is this true? Thanks

  4. +Propellerhead What is the title of the song that is used in the
    example for the compressor?

  5. thank you so much reason! now I know about the AF-4, how to connect it to
    the master bus. such a great tip. now if I could figure out what’s going on
    with the mclass EQ hooked into the master selection! I was hoping it would
    scroll down a little more so I could see how it was wired lol. I’m a god
    damn parrot!!

  6. also, why the hell does my master volume on the ssl mixer redline so low
    and yours is yellow?????

  7. Does this method work with HipHop music? I’m having a hard time with the

  8. this video isn’t very helpful because it’s focusing on a tool that I don’t
    have – can I use the master compressor without a filter??

  9. Is there a video for mastering hip-hop? I keep seeing all these tutorials
    but they seem to be just for “edm” – they’re hard to follow along with and
    don’t seem to help with hip hop

  10. Please help???

    I’m really having trouble doing what’s on this video. I followed all the
    steps I could but all that happens now is it clips

  11. Haven’t you learned anything from carnage? Everything needs to be really
    way more louder.

  12. hi… thanks for this.can i know also how you did the pitchbend at the end
    of each chords? automatic or manual.i tried with the curve of matrix to the
    malstrom pitchbend, but it’s not so smooth..

  13. So does sending the filtered signal into the sidechain input and activating
    that button that says “KEY” prevent what’s below 3kHz from going to the
    master compressor?

  14. Could it be, that you guys are the greatest thing ever wandered this earth?
    I mean for real: Just look at you, really caring about what people want to
    know about your ingenious piece of software! Who else does this in such a
    manner? I am a fan from Reason 4 till now, really gets me going in my
    music! I deeply love what you are doing and how you are doing it! Reason 9
    is a whole new level, I LOVE IT, period! Cheers, Calling! :-)

  15. Wow i always used to just tailor the compressor back with my huge sublines
    this helped me so MUCH !!

  16. Great tip as always Ryan. For those who have the RE, the Fxpansion Dcam bus
    compressor has a high-pass filter effortlessly built in, and is also
    modeled on the same SSL master bus compressor, so works great in the
    mastering chain. Softube’s FET also has hp and lp detection filtering.

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