Advanced Mastering Steps W/ Adobe Audition 3.0

Advanced Mastering Steps W/ Adobe Audition 3.0
these are some more advanced step i take tuh master subscribe and follow me @Bigz_so_HiLife
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”wAaPDoYOj44″ title=”Advanced Mastering Steps W/ Adobe Audition 3.0″ upload_time=”2011-04-23T23:07:26.000Z” description=”these are some more advanced step i take tuh master subscribe and follow me @Bigz_so_HiLife” duration=”PT7M36S”]

28 thoughts on “Advanced Mastering Steps W/ Adobe Audition 3.0”

  1. You don’t master vocals.. You process vocals. Mastering is what happens
    between creating a mixdown and hearing the final version. Processing vocals
    should consist of a Gate to eliminate unwanted noise, EQ the lows to roll
    off unwanted frequencies and get rid of rumbled and pops, compress, de-ess,
    and excite or boost some higher frequencies in around 20K to give it air..
    There’s too much unwanted or bad advice here. 

  2. @hnsuhqt yeah I was desperately searching for a nice software to compose
    killer beats. Listen A friend of mine working with Axwell said this
    software is the bomb for big beats and crazy effects. i managed to download
    from here :

  3. hey man i did what you did but my voice is still sound crap and i try to
    make my voice higher but the level is going red,, yours yellow but high!!! 

  4. You used the Cad U 37 microphone? I did too I like mine… Check out my I’m
    On One remix, Thanx to you I love editing vocals now!!!

  5. Thats not Mastering, but bad Mixing. Mastering is gettin max loudness, the
    right stereo wideness, good avarage of frequenzes AFTER (or just before)
    the Mixdown. U seem to have a strange Mic, cause you are using no de-esser?
    sry for my english, I am german ;-P greetz SAiZ

  6. Ive never done this Im assuming you send them a session or just sent them
    the track done but I have no clue

  7. Your final product sounded pretty good. You can also check out juicy song
    mastering for $10 a song. It is a dot com. 

  8. Mediocre way to mix and master vocals. The proper way based on how I study
    music engineer is never apply the effects directly to the vocals because it
    will distort it and you will have all sorts of problem. In short it’s very
    hard to make an adjustment. Quick tip try editing it through the mixer
    without directly applying effects with the vocals.

  9. Nice work on this channel. You got skills. Let me know when you upload
    fresh videos, maybe we can help someway.

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