Americas Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says It’s Business As Usual! Arizona SB1070

Americas Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says It’s Business As Usual! Arizona SB1070
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14 thoughts on “Americas Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says It’s Business As Usual! Arizona SB1070”

  1. @mikefnm He really reminds me The Mexican Cartoon show Speedy Gonzales.He catches one cat when 100 gets in illegally Andale,Andale Pendejo! This is more fun than watching Mr Gonzales,believe me

    GO JOE

  3. breaking the law is breaking the law. a federal law…if your illegal your breaking the law. This is the united states of america…crime rates/kidnapping/drug traffic have increased tremendously because of this issue..just get the papers and come legally. everyone else has to so why cant you?

  4. Americas Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio???? This is a mother f…r coward! toughest sheriff? how can he be tough if he’s mostly harrassing humle people who are not dangerous??? why isn’t he arresting real criminals? because he’s a coward! he’d pee his pants if he’d have to mess with real criminals not working people.

  5. @TeachingsofEvil,How are you answering my questions by saying “us “real americans” don’t give a fuck! they have no right to be here, no right. well you mother fucker have no right to decide who’s right and who’s wrong. You got your ignorant point and I got mine. People like you is that make most of the people of the world think all americans are stupid. Oh I almost forgot Fuck YOU!!!!

    TeachingsofEvil 1 day ago

  6. @TeachingsofEvil Maybe you should go to la escuela,What am I saying you could be a child molester, I don’t think you should be recording little girls legs you sick mother fucker!. Get a girlfriend get a life get some real history books and get the fuck out of here!!!

  7. @TeachingsofEvil I bet your own ass that if you’d have your familly suffering and you wouldn’t be able to help them here because you just don’t have the money to. You’d probably go to a place where nobody wanted you, insulted you or called you criminal, or had to work more than the the rest of the people just so your familly could be better. But why am I wasting time with you? I better let you live your live because the way USA is going it may become a 3rd world country with people like you

  8. @TeachingsofEvil Well I was gonna say you’re right but FUCK THAT, And you know that when your mother gave birth they made a mistake and trew the baby and raised the fetus” YOU” FUCK YOU FETUS”

  9. @TeachingsofEvil hahahaha you are 18 years old!? mother fucker you are not even a real man yet mother fucker. You are the loser kid I’ve lived by myself since I was 16 and never asked anything to anyone not even my parents. Kid, just go to school, maybe you’ll learn something, you can still be saved from all the ignorance of some people and the brain washing of the media, read a lot and get educated.

  10. @TeachingsofEvil ,Kid, I am going to teach you something simple. This is math. 10,000,000 wrongs don’t make 1 right .

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