Announcing T-RackS 3 Mixing And Mastering Software / Plugin

Announcing T-RackS 3 Mixing And Mastering Software / Plugin
For more information, visit

High-end deluxe mastering and mixing software suite of 9 dynamics/EQ processors with analog modeled, vintage and digital gear.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”CaNdiLEXPVY” title=”Announcing T-RackS 3 Mixing And Mastering Software / Plugin” upload_time=”2008-10-17T08:29:10.000Z” description=”For more information, visit High-end deluxe mastering and mixing software suite of 9 dynamics/EQ processors with analog modeled, vintage and digital gear.” duration=”PT5M48S”]

38 thoughts on “Announcing T-RackS 3 Mixing And Mastering Software / Plugin”

  1. You can use the plugins for mixing or mastering your tracks. Please take a
    look at our site for much more in-depth description and information.

  2. Great, you should be able to get it from your favorite retailer and of
    course directly from our site.

  3. Looks nice. I shall have to download the demo in the very near future. I
    want to know, but noticed it’s only 10 days and I have a lot of work on my
    plate atm so will wait till I have a few days “free time” to really dig
    deep into your demo.

  4. This is VST, AU, AND Standalone 🙂 You can use Standalone to do a full
    mastering project. I remastered an old EP that had been restored, and
    T-RackS did a great job. Give the demo a try.

  5. I bought this mastering software and it’s well worth the price. I was
    floored at the way it made my productions sound plus as an independent
    producer it pushed my projects sound to the next level also I don’t have to
    fumble around looking for the right sound because the presets are five star
    and most of all it works well as a plugin in Protools and it’s rock solid
    and looks great on my Mac this is a must have if you want to sound like the
    big boy’s, top noch good working software IK.

  6. @gigihitman There are comparisons even of models of the same gear and they
    are not the same as each other, even. We use a completely different process
    to model our gear, and it shows. YMMV of course.

  7. @novanine9 There are presets, best bet is to download the demo and give it
    a try and see how you like it.

  8. @JmixRhymes It is either VST, AU, RTAS within DAW programs and as a
    standalone can input and output multiple audio formats.

  9. @socialgrudge Something to take on with tech support. They will be able to
    help you out.

  10. “audio quality that is unmatched in software.” And what exactly are you
    basing this argument?

  11. @kb1629 On the quality of our modeling, which is top quality and has been
    for years. There’s a demo available where you can hear for yourself. Plus,
    this is not unheard of when companies describe their products – just in our
    case it happens to be true. :)

  12. T-RackS 3 Deluxe Group Buy all month long! (February 2012) Start with a 60%
    discount, T-RackS Deluxe for $199.99 or crossgrade for just $99.99. Then
    add a FREE Black 76 or White 2A compress once the Group Buy reaches 2000

  13. Hi ikmultimedia, first of all thank you for reading my message. I send a
    message to the Tech Support like 5 days ago, but i did’nt got any reply
    yet… I have a question, i have T-Racks3 Deluxe. And i use it for my 808
    Bass Drop. But whenever i want to Mix, and whenever i press a key on my
    keyboard, the 808 Bass starts like 2-4 seconds later. But im not a expert
    in this things. I want the 808 Bass start direct. Can you please help me
    with that? Thanks a lot. Naiweed.

  14. I’m not sure there could be many factors. Please check that you have the
    right buffer setting set on your audio interface. Sounds like you are
    recording/tracking with T-RackS but it is really a mixing and mastering
    plugin which you would apply AFTER you record (and then you can use much
    higher buffer settings and get much more out of the product). If this
    doesn’t help please send your ticket number because Tech Support would have
    to work with you directly to get it figured out.

  15. Thank you for the reply! And don’t it got to do something with the ‘DAW’?

  16. Sounds like it needs to be authorized using Authorization Manager. If you
    don’t know how to that please consult the manual or tech support (who can
    be reached directly from our web site). Thanks!

  17. Gostaria que esses videos fossem transpostos para Português Brasil, porque
    estou assistindo isso aqui no Brasil, lógico . Obrigado !

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