Audio Animals Mixing Tutorial ( 2 Hour Mix Masterclass )

Audio Animals Mixing Tutorial ( 2 Hour Mix Masterclass )
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Disgraceland – The Dust in My Groove ( forthcoming on SolSelectas )

How Much Does It Cost And What Will I Receive Back?
Mixing and Mastering is priced depending on the amount of stems your track has. Mixing and Mastering is priced from £60 – £300 which includes wav 44,100 kHz of both the mix and the master. You can pay for your mixing and mastering here. Once you have done that you will need to send us your track to work on, which you can do on this page. Once the mix and master is completed and approved by the client we will send back to you both the wav 24bit mix and master files. We will also include at the request of the client full mixed stems for future production. This service is free of charge but will only be included in your zip if you request so in your order form here. If you require an instrumental and acapella of your track as well we can bounce these while mixing your track. Alternate mixes are also free of charge and included at the request of the client in their order submission.

10 Channel Mix And Master £60
20 Channel Mix And Master £80
30 Channel Mix And Master £100
40 Channel Mix And Master £120
50 Channel Mix And Master £140
60 Channel Mix And Master £160
80 Channel Mix And Master £200
100 Channel Mix And Master £300

Why Use Audio Animals To Mix And Master Your Track
The key benefits to working with Audio Animals is the ability to have your tracks run through some of the industries top audio gear. Unlike a lot of mixing and mastering studios charging from £60 – £300 per track for a digital mix down summing inside the box using plugins. Audio Animals sum out of the box using an analogue SSL Solid State Logic 52 channel summing mixer. This is the same summing mixer used in most no.1 hit records. We have a full SSL Solid State Logic Rack consisting of incredibly high end A/D D/A converters, 52 channel summing mixer, eqs, compressors and pre amps. The reason most artists and labels choose Audio Animals to mix down their music is simple…. Quality. For £60 – £300 you are receiving a mix down on equipment that would cost you £1000’s at most high end studios. With Audio Animals that same high quality audio mix down is available to you for a fraction of the price. For a full list of studio equipment we use visit our studio page here or watch our promo video below. More images of the studio can be found here.

At Audio Animals we are unlike any other mixing and mastering studio currently in operation. We aim to help our clients gain exposure and better themselves. We do this by promoting their releases across the internet and through our network of online media outlets. By choosing Audio Animals and benefiting from our free promotion service, releases are able to create more revenue and reach thousands of people your release was otherwise unable to reach.

Audio Animals offer a one of a kind mixing and mastering service. Not only do we offer a high quality service, we also help promote our clients free of charge via our network of fans and internet presence. We offer to promote our clients releases on our website here. These pages are viewed by 10,000+ people a week and will usually hit the top of google with in 4 days. This free service increases record sales, downloads, fans, plays and overall helps expose your music to more people.

Audio Animals excel in the industry offering industry standard loud masters whilst retaining dynamics unlike many other mastering studios. We are able to achieve this with help from our unique mastering chain. Our mastering chain consists of the world’s best multiband mastering compressor the Maselec MLA-3 and legendary Shadow Hills compressor as well as all our analogue masters are run to the truly unique sound of Rupert Neve’s 542 tape saturation units. We’ve worked in the mixing and mastering industry for the past 12 years and have built up the perfect mixing and mastering chain for our style. We guarantee you will not find a better service on the internet that provides such high end equipment at this price. Affordable high quality mixing and mastering is now at everyone’s reach not just the major labels and artists.

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”hvbAY-ESSb4″ title=”Audio Animals Mixing Tutorial ( 2 Hour Mix Masterclass )” upload_time=”2015-02-02T17:07:44.000Z” description=”Order Your Mixing And Mastering Here : Disgraceland – The Dust in My Groove ( forthcoming on SolSelectas ) How Much Does It Cost And What Will I Receive Back?” duration=”PT2H10M26S”]

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  1. when you say ‘add a touch of compression’ and smooth out the transients
    like that, what ratio’s and attack speeds are you typically going for? or
    are you using it more like a limiter to control the peaks?

  2. First time i tried just listening, closed my eyes as well, and honestly, it
    worked really really well. Thanks for this! It was a journey.

  3. Hi there, great vid, any more in-depth tutorials would be cool.

    What is the desk (mixing and actual desk) you’re using here? Looks perfect!


  4. hi love the videos, am interested in working with yourselves. couple
    questions, 1. can we specify using yourself, 2. submitting 3 tracks and is
    it possible to attend the end when you’re finished to have quick listen and
    chat through the changes, and finally 3. do you offer mixing and then
    mastering in another service. thanks, happy to discuss on the phone too

  5. Thanks for this one, learned a lot! Not shure about the ‘rain’ stem
    though… makes me have to pee everytime i listen to the track :)

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