Audio Mastering In Cubase 5: Parallel Compression

Audio Mastering In Cubase 5: Parallel Compression

Hey everyone. Today i had a spare hour so I decided to record a tutorial on parallel compression in mastering. This is a very simple process, but it has a big impact on your sound. This is a short introduction into the benefits of parallel compression, the possibilities are endless, so I hope this tutorial can help someone with their mastering or mixing.

While i find this way to be the most simple to explain the concept of parallel compression, please note that there are actually a few ways to set this up: you can also use a send for example.

Time and time again I find parallel compression useful, be that in mixing individual instruments or bus compression, or mastering. But like anything, it takes time, patience and practice to actually get good results, try not to over do it.

I used Camtasia to record the screen capture, and a zoom h2 portable recorder to record the narration.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”cpXcpmf-0Lw” title=”Audio Mastering In Cubase 5: Parallel Compression” upload_time=”2011-06-27T18:01:59.000Z” description=” Hey everyone. Today i had a spare hour so I decided to record a tutorial on parallel compression in mastering. This is a very simple process, but it has a” duration=”PT6M4S”]

30 thoughts on “Audio Mastering In Cubase 5: Parallel Compression”

  1. Hi,thanx for that,i wanna know if you do it with the voice to,or juste for
    the beat, 

  2. I haven’t seen it yet, but I think this will help me out on lots of Audio
    problems on my tracks! Thank you very much 🙂 /O

  3. i wish i knew how to master properly.. it’s just lucky dip if my songs come
    out sounding good.. or muddy

  4. Currently working on a mix at the moment, will have to give this a try
    before the mastering stage, sounding great, thanks for the tip!

  5. it definitely sounds like a cross btwn scots and irish (lived in both
    countries for a while)

  6. Even with track A compressed, and YouTube’s questionable handling of audio,
    I still heard the difference. Really nice trick, thanks for sharing. I
    would never have thought of it.

  7. Great video on duplicating a track ,mastering utilizing parallel
    compression ,my question is on cubase 5 how do you erase or initialize the
    synth patches that come included on cubase 5 , for instance prologue to
    build my own patch from scratch

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  9. you can’t expect too much dynamics with this kind of music, so why not use
    a bus compressor?

  10. Can you please stop talking while you pushing volume on compressed channel,
    so we can actually hear the difference? Thank you.

  11. Wow! , I tried this method and I have been looking for a method for a year
    to make better fatter mixes and , even though I have flirted with using 2
    mixes before I had way to many plug ins going,I was making it to hard, this
    is so easy all I can say is this is the best video on mixing I have seen so
    far on youtube, What a difference it makes!! Thank you ,thank you thank
    you! I love it ,perfect! definitely a thumbs up! It don’t have to be
    complicated to be good.

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