Basic Mixing & Mastering In Mixcraft (tutorial)

Basic Mixing & Mastering In Mixcraft (tutorial)
A tutorial covering basic mixing and mastering for the home musician using Mixcraft. These tips will make your music sound better! Please note that I don’t cover all elements of proper mastering here (no EQ & other tricks), as this video was made to help my students be able to export their songs with the levels under control.

Here are the software links referenced in the video:
Broadcast manual:
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”JRD4z7k6cXk” title=”Basic Mixing & Mastering In Mixcraft (tutorial)” upload_time=”2015-10-26T14:51:43.000Z” description=”A tutorial covering basic mixing and mastering for the home musician using Mixcraft. These tips will make your music sound better! Please note that I don’t” duration=”PT49M23S”]

28 thoughts on “Basic Mixing & Mastering In Mixcraft (tutorial)”

  1. It would have been great to see you use more mastering methods within
    mixcraft 7 pro. I would like to see a video on how to decrease the peaks
    and valleys within the dynamic range of a song while using gains,
    compressors, and limiters to get the project to be closer sounding to the
    commercial material on the radio. Could you please do something like this
    in the future? Cheers.

  2. This has been one of the best videos for mixcraft I have come across. Much
    thanks from a college student in a home studio!

  3. My version of Mixcraft, which is Mixcraft Home Studio 7, doesn’t have the
    Broadcast Multiband Compressor. What can I do in order to get it?

  4. if you are running on Windows 10 you are going to be doing something
    different for the ggain unfortunately… (maybe it’s only for the 64 bit
    instead of common files, go to acoustica mixcraft 7….. From there go to
    VST…. put it in 3rdParty and you’re good to go.

  5. Great video and i totally understand the logic behind each step. When i
    used to send my stuff off for mastering they always requested that my mix
    was extremely quiet. Any reason why they would do that?

  6. thx for recommending the free broadcast multiband comp! I would suggest to
    choose -0,2 to -0,5 (output) on your plugin on the master channel (limiter
    / comp) in your DAW! so one step earlier your production chain. a -0,5 dB
    volume cutdown of the stereo premaster is similar to a hard brickwall
    limiting. peace

  7. around the 43.30 mark where you export the file, i assume if i have a older
    mixcraft like version 6, i would export it as wav?

  8. Nice vocals and very good mixing information. I’ve done recording on a korg
    triton and yamaha motif and wanted to try using something more intuitive so
    I purchased the mixcraft pro 7.I’m happy with the simplicity of the MP7 but
    have had trouble with sounds that breakup and sometimes skip and stop
    during recording. If I only use less than 8 tracks for recording it seems
    to run smoother, but can’t help feeling that I’m limited from doing much
    more.Thanks for any help you can provide on this!AES

  9. very interesting. Thanks. So when using G-Gain if most of the track is eg
    -3.5 i have to adjust the control knob or type ouu + 3.5 to get it back to
    ZERO. I assume the whole idea is to get the whole track to zero. If you
    only have one small part that peaks do i adjust it on G Gain or do i go to
    Mixcraft and drop volume on that partricular part of vocal only

  10. Awesome tutorial! Question, though. Why use Audacity to clean up the
    waveform and export to MP3? Why not just reimport into Mixcraft and do it
    there? What am I missing?

  11. Excellent

    I love the intro

    I’d like to invite you to watch some of my recording tutorials or listen to
    any of my music.

    If you’d like to know how to make a certain sound, mix, produce or make a
    recorded instrument better let me know in the comments.


  12. compression always kinda went over my head and nobody could seem to explain
    it to me sufficiently.
    Does it matter that your 1 track Snare is in the red ?

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