Cubase 5 Mastering In Cubase

Cubase 5 Mastering In Cubase
I made this track in FL9 and than imported it into Cubase for some light Mastering. Type jmac2050 in youtube’s search window to view all videos.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”H1Ib120PuCk” title=”Cubase 5 Mastering In Cubase” upload_time=”2009-11-10T09:26:48.000Z” description=”I made this track in FL9 and than imported it into Cubase for some light Mastering. Type jmac2050 in youtube’s search window to view all videos.” duration=”PT4M2S”]

32 thoughts on “Cubase 5 Mastering In Cubase”

  1. heres a tip for you, jsut because the track is clipping doesnt mean it is
    audible distorting. use your ears.

  2. is it possible to play notes on pc keyboard like in FL ?btw how do i
    open/load instruments in this bitch,ive been looking for some tutorials 4
    ze beginners but everybody r just mixing and recording live

  3. @griploc1981 Clipping means your too hot, period. If you want to make it
    louder, use another means besides pushing levels. Like limiter with make
    up. Clipping is unacceptable.

  4. @jaydjosey untrue. im a certified recording engineer and have 10 plus years
    of experience and i have learned from some of the best engineers in canada.
    i think i know what i am talking about.

  5. @jmac2050 I have to say mate that was very good of you to agree to master
    for some random guy on here. Mastering is a very expensive trade if you got
    it done professionally. Good on you.

  6. why would you let somebody else mix your music without being there? you’ll
    take away the personal relationship you should have with it. mastering i’d
    be ok with if i trust them but i could never let somebody near my music to
    mix it. 


  8. O.K. I can accept that. Please teach me. Why would you need to push it that
    hard? Can’t there be more prep in recording the track so you don’t have to
    push so hard?

  9. i will first say this; recording over 0db is a NO NO in the digital realm.
    mixing and mastering are a whole different ball park though because the
    signals have already been recorded to optimal levels(hopefully) and
    processing a audio track will take away from a signals transient peaks.i
    will give you a couple good explanations as to why i would do so. 

  10. as an audio engineer when mixing it is all about mood, feeling, and space.
    in my opinion as a audio engineer it has to feel right and staying “in the
    box” will limit some of the best creativity one can do. if a signal sounds
    good when it a fader is pushed up in the “red zone” but doesn’t hurt the
    mix in any way shape or form how can it hurt? when mastering the end stereo
    pair should have a limiter on it after the compression, eq and whatever
    else one feels should be added to complete the mix.

  11. you must use dithering if you are down sampling only .. It adds white noise
    to the track just like cement on a wall to make the track stable in lower
    bit conversions :)

  12. you sure have a lot of bs opinions for someone who haven’t produce or
    published anything of quality himself, bass sounds off because file
    conversing with youtube, didn’t t have time to keep uploading the video to
    see what work s.

  13. show us how it’s done than; oh, that’s right, you can’t. Those who can’t,
    don’t teach, they just frivously critizise and jump on band wagons. wanna
    be dubstepper

  14. let me give u some knowledge here… downloading is not producing; if all
    you can do is download some else’s work and call yourself mixing or
    producing, you sound like a damn fool: attention seeking, band wagoner

  15. what ever, the burden of proof is on you, but really don’t care, good luck
    with that, now go play somewhere else

  16. Um…he said get some decent SAMPLES. He didn’t say use other people’s
    work. The tinker toy-like sounds you used for that wack, government issue
    production up there are called SAMPLES. And they are HORRIBLE. And then you
    smugly said, “let ME give YOU some knowledge”, ROTFL. Speaking of Native
    Instruments, while you’re getting B4, go ahead and get Battery, too – that
    way you’ll have access to some halfway decent percussion samples. Only
    fools despise instruction. Probably a Leo. Zero humility.

  17. did you even read his comment, where did he say get some decent SAMLES ?
    Did you miss the part where he smugly adress me with “let me give u some
    knowledge here… use bittorrent ” in the first place. Did you miss you
    miss the part when he say get the maybach kit from bittorent, which means
    some body took a maybach production, “song”, chop it up and made a drum kit
    off somebody else’s work. Now, using your own words, “Only fools” jump the
    gun or don’t read well,this was just a plugin demo anyway

  18. And dising the smaples I used, is just you following somebody else’s
    frivolous lead, this track is about 3 years old, and it had some youtube
    file conversion distortion and thats that, if you got something better than
    lets hear it.

  19. 1st of all, anything you record is consider a sample regardless it’s 50
    milliseconds or to 2hrs long, 2nds there’s only one original 808 kit, from
    the drum machine, anything else is a variation on that , somebody else’s
    work. It no such thing as an official maybach kit, somebody just chop up
    some drum sounds and named it that, again using somebody else work. so,
    basically if you didn’t record a sample or sound yourself or have a license
    agreement, your using somebody else’s work.

  20. hey can some one show me how to get a profecional sound. I do music but
    when I mastering I can not get the profesional sound … I use maximizer
    and EQ to masterin but the volume is low and saturated….

  21. how do i give thickness to my synth sounds? i try everything but they still
    sound a little weak/ thin and lack presence & power… please help

  22. Helpful but use better english and would be a hell of a lot better if you
    actually spoke so people can hear you while they mess with the Cubase. Also
    space out your time between showing them where to go and moving on to the

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