Digital Marketing Presentation ~ Becoming A Digital Entrepreneur ~ Part 1

Digital Marketing Presentation ~ Becoming A Digital Entrepreneur ~ Part 1
Six years ago I purchased my very first stealth camper van. My goal was to life a simple life while traveling the country with my dog on an epic road trip. In this presentation I discus how this van trip turned into the channel we have today.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”W-C419jn1Ok” title=”Digital Marketing Presentation ~ Becoming A Digital Entrepreneur ~ Part 1″ upload_time=”2016-02-14T13:00:01.000Z” description=”Six years ago I purchased my very first stealth camper van. My goal was to life a simple life while traveling the country with my dog on an epic road trip.” duration=”PT14M55S”]

40 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Presentation ~ Becoming A Digital Entrepreneur ~ Part 1”

  1. good job,like this video,…’s funny, I’m a full timer and still enjoy what ever you talking )

  2. How wonderful to have you back on the screen !  You were missed.  You have IMO always produced valuable info and I look forward to seeing the ‘rest of the story’  on ‘digital entrepreneurship’.  Thank you for sharing !!!

  3. Fantastic presentation, Chris! The folks who were able to attend your lecture were some very lucky people. Looking forward to the rest of the videos from this.

  4. Chris, you have a gift.  But I think we, your Subscribers already knew that.  Congrats! Looking forward to the rest of your presentation with Miss G.

  5. I believe it was a Greek philosopher who once said that: “our personality, is our destiny”! Based on that thought, I see nothing but success in your future with G, and your digital marketing enterprising! Miss you guys…cheers!

  6. I can envision you doing seminars in RV shows and national RV conventions. You are a really good, natural public speaker.

  7. Great presentation! Your channel was the first we came across and you inspired us enormously. We now are living the fulltime rvlife as well. No regrets!

  8. I loved this, hearing about how you started travelling. I have watched all your early videos, but it was really nice to hear about it again, condensed. Good lecture so far! Take care xxx

  9. It’s an interesting angle on lifestyle. You’re having your struggles to make it work which is normal for a new startup business. Just because somebody works a daily job does not men they’re not free or wasting their lives. You’re new plan is to travel to RV shows and events as a REP selling products. Essentially you’ll be a full time salesman whose home is always with him/her. Really not to different from having a day job and a house or apartment. The thing about being self employed is you find quickly the supposed freedom turns into a realization of more work than a regular job would have been. I’ve been self employed for 30 years and had a lot of fun doing my job and still fitting in some travel here and there. I have never had to limit myself to just so many dollars a day. Some years, taking our intermittent trips, we’ve spent 60 days on the road. Most years we get at least 30 days on the road. Most of that travel is spent up in the mountains at secret favorite little paradises, along the coast, then a couple other spots like Glacier National Park, Henry Jackson Wilderness, and smaller destinations of interest. For us, it’s enough for now but in a couple more years, we’ll switch to full time travel and we’ll have plenty of dollars to be able to live the lifestyle within reason of course. As a matter of fact, I would probably start to go stir crazy if I didn’t work.
    It’s going to be fun following along and watching you meet the hurdles along the way as you’re channel/empire grows Take care..

  10. Bravo Chris! You are also one of my role models. I am an Alternative Health Lecturer, presenting from the viewpoint of a 2-time cancer survivor and a recovering fastfood-aholic. This past November 24th, my wife and I took possession of a 2015 Pleasure-Way so that I could start taking my lectures to venues and groups outside of the Southwest US. You’re one of the people I’m leaning on to grasp how to do this from an RV. The first “tour” starts in the East Bay area of San Francisco. May 14-15.

  11. Chris..Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing..Been humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become,but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others..thanks Chris you are the man..!

  12. Professor Chris great job miss your video’s from you two. But l see you guys have been busy handling business. So happy for your business success l even feel a larger home on wheels comin this year for you as well. Much success…

  13. Chris and G ..Great job on your presentation at ISU. To bad we didn’t have a chance to know you guys were going to Terre Haute!! We were only a few hours from you!! We were in Indianapolis on the same time!!
    Great to hear how things are going and where you guys are going from here!! Sounds like you both have a great adventure coming up!! Good Luck and we will keep following you!!! 🙂 Thumbs Up!!

  14. Great presentation Chris! It’s nice to see you positively represent the digital lifestyle and look for ways to earn money without sacrificing your values.

  15. Awesome man, I didn’t realise you had been over here in Australia before. It’s cool to see where you’re at now from where I first saw you.

  16. Funny enough, they tore that bridge down Chris! That’s where I live, and feel free to come back. Nice big bridge for you now 🙂

  17. Nicely done Chris -I’d have been a bag of nerves and I’ve done a lot of presentations over the years. BTW, very few people understand why I retired from work (health care) in my mid 40s.

  18. O. M. G.  Mr. Chris you are quality speaker [ I already suspect a quality man].  Your electronix avocation [necessity] is not something I  understand.  You & G. havegiven me much inspiration to ‘go for it’.  [I am an old man who daydream for yearsto ‘see the sites’ of the estupendo U. S.]  Love you muchly.  M ~

  19. Chris & Gina, I just completed the 4-part series, beautiful information man! When I wore a younger mans clothes I did what you guys have done, mainly traveled throughout Europe & Africa w my German girlfriend….maybe I should have traveled more through my own states. I video taped all travels, but there was no youtube sadly to distribute to the world.
    Thank you for the work, information, humor and solid logic you present to the world at large. I’m a marketing guy also. When you both are in sunny So Cal message me, I’ll let you guys plugin, make a great meal for you two. Chris we’ll let the ladies talk and well have a few cold beers… thank u both for the free ride along

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