EBAY Shutdown GOOGLE SEO? Rumors Rumors Rumors

EBAY Shutdown GOOGLE SEO? Rumors Rumors Rumors
Don’t always believe rumors you see on the internet

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”4mVc8KGtK7g” title=”EBAY Shutdown GOOGLE SEO? Rumors Rumors Rumors” upload_time=”2017-11-02T23:29:53.000Z” description=”Don’t always believe rumors you see on the internet Thanks for checking out my channel. Make sure to subscribe!! Ebay/Amazon Equipment Photo Lighting Kit-” duration=”PT3M40S”]

12 thoughts on “EBAY Shutdown GOOGLE SEO? Rumors Rumors Rumors”

  1. Thanks Casey for verifying that rumor about eBay not using Google Search. I saw that and didn’t thing it was true. You are always looking out for us fellow eBayers and that is why you are a person we all look up to. See you tonight~

  2. Hey Casey. I’ve been contacting eBay over the last week trying to get my problem resolved. I have over 20 listing that are not showing up as items for sell. Ugh…… All I get from them is it’s a glitch and promises to get back with me. Can you help me?

  3. Hi Casey, After watching this video, I tried a google image search for a listing of mine on ebay and it did not show up at all. I used the exact wording as in my title description. I am new to this. Is there something I’m missing?

  4. Wow you are pumping out the vids! thanks for the update – I had not heard this but happy to hear it is not true.

  5. Hi Casey, The key phrase in the email is that they would not “intentionally” shut down Google search. What about unintentionally? It sounds to me an employee may have shared info that should have stayed internally due to issues they may have identified but did not want to make it public knowledge. Just my thoughts….

  6. My sales have been increasing since hurricanes left. It is better to diversify. It is easy to source clothes, video games etc. But there is a lot of antique items out there.
    There is so much more to try selling. I just came home from buying a whole truck load of 60s mustang car parts. Cost me almost nothing but time.
    Salvation Army and Goodwill have been increasing their prices in large amounts around here. Jeans run 7 to 11 usd. If they are better brands they are seing them up to 30.
    The bad part is these youtub videos are being viewed and used by the managers. YouTube is hurting us. I don’t think we need to post video every time we sell and or brag “got this for a,nickel and sold it for $60.” Posting videos are driving up the prices. Shoes, even worn out dirty nike they are asking 15, 20 bucks for around here. Folks don’t like seing that they lost out on making 3 or 4 times more. One of these days they may wise up and just start selling on ebay themselves cutting us out. This is just an observation. I am not slamming you or the others who put out lots of good tips. Just food for thought. Thanks for all the info and advice.

  7. People are always looking for the “magic bullet” answer to their slow sales. Conspiracy theories don’t pay bills, hustle does…

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