Ecommerce SEO Top 4 Factors

Ecommerce SEO – Get Traffic To Your Online Store [Top 4 Factors]

Ecommerce SEO – Get Traffic To Your Online Store [Top 4 Factors]
This video will show you how to use Ecommerce SEO to get more traffic (and customers) to your online store.


By focusing on the top 4 most critical ranking factors that go into ranking ecommerce websites. Of course, I cover all 4 of these factors in the video.

But I’ll also list them here as a reference.

First up, we have your site’s overall link authority. This is determined by the quality and quantity of the backlinks pointing to your site. The thing is, most ecommerce sites think that they can rank with product and category pages alone. But you can’t. Like any website, backlinks are important for ecommerce sites. I show you how to build links to your ecommerce site in the beginning of the video.

Next up, we have product page optimization. Most of your organic search engine traffic will likely go to your product pages. And I show you the 4 steps that I use to optimize product pages quickly.

Once your most important pages are optimized, it’s time to dig into your site architecture. This is something that’s more technical SEO focused, but it can make or break your ecommerce SEO efforts (that’s because your site likely has hundreds or even thousands of pages). The organization of these (also known as your website architecture) is key.

Lastly, it’s time to optimize your URLs. I reveal some data about which URLs tend to rank best in Google.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”_eAdV6FuHrs” title=”Ecommerce SEO – Get Traffic To Your Online Store [Top 4 Factors]” upload_time=”2017-01-11T14:41:47.000Z” description=”This video will show you how to use Ecommerce SEO to get more traffic (and customers) to your online store. How? By focusing on the top 4 most critical ranking” duration=”PT8M59S”]

38 thoughts on “Ecommerce SEO – Get Traffic To Your Online Store [Top 4 Factors]”

  1. Hi Brian,
    Your videos awesome and better than Moz videos.
    Please upload new videos at least one video per week.

  2. Hi Brian,
    This video would be a real game changer for my ecommerce site…
    I just have a question… how important is it to optimize a product category page… or would it be wise to only optimize product page.

  3. Jesus Christ, you just spew out 100% quality content, no bullshit, no stalling, nothing.
    Thanks Brian, i’ve already learned so much.

  4. Hey Brian, I’m currently working on a new e-commerce website for a client. This video was super useful and I’ll make sure to check all the boxes 🙂

  5. i’m on e-commerce and struggling to get traffic against ‘giants’

    thanks for sharing … definitely will try

  6. Ecommerce websites need a unique and specific SEO to be imparted. This session is great covering the required knowledge in great level

  7. I was directed to your channel by a marketing firm owner. I am in the planning stages of building an online site utilizing drop shipping. I appreciate the info and will be using your techniques.

  8. I am learning all of this for the first time and have watched soooo many videos.  What makes Brian’s videos stand out are the examples he gives.  Thanks, Brian!  I am still trying to understand if I should use my shops name in the title of my products?  Any advice is much appreciated.

  9. Awesome video! Note: Publish valuable content, increase DA for product and category pages, add modifiers to product page title tags (cheap, deals, review, best, online, free shipping), add magnet words to title (x% off, guarantee, lowest price, free shipping, overnight shipping, sale), 1,000 words of content on most important product pages, long product titles for 10 most important product pages, include target keyword 3-5 times, product pages no more than 3 clicks from home page, short url length ?

  10. Such invaluable advice. For my blogs, I’ve started to create shorter URLs for the new blogs 🙂

  11. You are awesome. Super videos. Great to navigate. Love your visual examples.
    One queston. I don’t see Blogging (apart from the Round up idea) mentioned or any other strategies to create backlinkgs to your website. Would you rank those 2 lower than the round up as a 1st step?

  12. I’m from Brazil and I’m understand everything, you explain it so easy. Thank you man

  13. Great tips in here. Definitely going to work on making long product descriptions and even longer epic content for our ecommerce sites. Being a contributing member to forums and commenting on blogs in the niche can lead to lots of high quality back links as well. Quora is a great place to interact for example. Optimizing title tags with attractive keyword modifiers for ctr is genius.

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