FabFilter Pro-Q – EQ Tips & Tricks

FabFilter Pro-Q – EQ Tips & Tricks
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Dan Worrall gives some great tips and tricks for using Pro-Q in various mixing and mastering situations.

FabFilter Pro-Q is available at For more info about Pro-Q, check
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14 thoughts on “FabFilter Pro-Q – EQ Tips & Tricks”

  1. Was wondering if anyone can help me understand slopes and q? I can work out
    that a 3db boost with 0.66666 q factor will span 2 octaves but what about
    5db boost? What q factor do I need to span 2 octaves? It would have to be a
    higher q right? Or it would span larger than 2 octaves?

  2. I am sold when Dan Worrall is teaching anything. No BS nonsense talking.
    Best logical approach. Respect!

  3. I’m using iOS-version on my iPad with Auria app. This is the best and most
    intuitive EQ plugin I have ever used. And This tutorial is also very

  4. great teacher …I got this plugin recently…do you have any video on how
    to mix acoustic solo or vocal and acoustic guitar ..

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