FL Studio 10 – Mixing And Mastering Tutorial (by Pablo Prod)

FL Studio 10 – Mixing And Mastering Tutorial (by Pablo Prod)
Due to all the Requests I’m getting on a daily basis heres the Mix & Master Tutorial you’ve all been asking for.
I show you in Detail which steps I take in order to get a clean & still loud sounding Mix.

If you have questions about the plugins used/How I do my melodies etc just ask them in the comment section & I’ll reply.

Mixing & Mastering Tutorial.

Step 1. Name your instruments properly, makes it much easier to navigate through your instruments & gives you a much better Workflow.

Step 2. Assign your instruments to a free mixer channel, group instruments of the same category (e.g. Snares+claps/HighHats+Cymbals etc.)

Step 3. Sound selection: keep in mind you are limited to a range of 20hz to 20 khz so there is not to much space.
Limit each Instruments range with the parametric EQ so there are only the Keytone & the overtones left, anything
below that has no real impact on the sound & will only fill up the bottom and weaken your Bass.

Step 4. When Editing your instrument in the mixer keep in mind that it doesnt matter if it sounds thin & powerless by itself,it has to fit in your mix

Step 5. Ensure your instruments keep their dynamic range, no compression on any of your instruments other then Drums & percussions and
your master channel.

Step 6. In order to have a wide & vivid mix pan your instruments, if you use a Stereoizer only use it for instruments with little low end.

Step 7. Adjust the level of each instrument, everything should be audible but not striking, try getting a 2nd opinion.
Always leave some headroom, even when all your instruments play there shouldn’t be any clipping on your master channel.

Step 8.When using a Bassline in addition to your kick use a Kick with a fast attack & short decay, if you don’t find a suitable kick adjust the decay
with a Noise Gate (Preset in the standart FL Limiter)


Step 1. If theres still clipping even though you adjusted your levels according to Step 7 open the FL Limiter & reduce the Gain until theres no more clipping

Step 2. Open the parametric EQ und adjust your High & low cuts, standard is 40Hz/20Khz but if you have a very low bassline like in this example go with 20hz/20Khz

Step 3. Open a 2nd Parametric EQ & lower unwanted Frequncies. DON’T I repeat DON’T boost frequencies on your master channel as you will reach the clipping limit very easily, the changes you make here should be minimal as you should do most of your EQing on the individual channels.

Step 4. Open a compression tool, ideally a multiband one, I used Izotope Ozone 4.
Set the Margin to -0.3dB/Adjust your threshold (the amount of compression should depend on the kind of track you’re making & your personal preference.)

Step 5. If you feel your track still sounds a little empty & inanimate you can use an exciter, the exciter will add Harmonic overtones & thus fill gaps in your freq range.

Step 6. In addition I sometimes add some slight reverb on my master channel, its not necessary but it can make your track sound a little more fluid, if you do that set your decay very low (No more than 0.7sec) & limit the reverb to a narrow freq range (e.g. 300hz-3khz)

Step 7. Stop spamming my inbox asking me to do a mixing tutorial 😉
Copyright Pablo Productions 2012
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  1. Hey man. What plugins are you using? I’m using a lot of your kits. Dope!!
    Just wondering 

  2. When i finally had my song arranged and i rendered a trial, i have my vocal
    tracks volume shifting up and down. Is it because of clipping due to lack
    of headroom? How can i prevent it?

  3. Hey nice music! would you mind checking out some of my music? I subbed by
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  4. thanks a lot bro a lot of producers gone bite there tongue about whats real
    but u help a lot of us with ya tutorials bro big shout out from me

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