Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2017 & Beyond) – Google My Business Optimization Tips

Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2017 & Beyond) – Google My Business Optimization Tips
– FREE Google Maps Optimization & SEO Training Course on EXACTLY What to Do to Dominate the Google Maps Results in 2016!

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Training Modules:

Google Maps SEO Introduction:

Google My Business SEO Step #1: Picking the Right Website Address:

Google My Business SEO Step #2: Creating the Right Website Structure:

Google My Business SEO Step #3: Boosting Your Citation “Authority”:

Google My Business SEO Step #4: The Importance of Content Syndication:

Google My Business SEO BONUS Training: “Geo-Optimization” for Maps:

In This Training Session I’m Going to Reveal the Exact Methods That You Need to Follow To Get Your Google My Business Listing to The Top of Google’s Local Search Results in 2016, In as Little as 7 Days.

You See Ever Since Google’s Latest Local Algorithm Update Known as “Pigeon” in Late July of 2014 The Local “Maps” Results Underwent MAJOR Changes Effecting Many Local Businesses…Maybe Even Yours?

The “Pigeon” Update Was Rolled Out Nationwide and Drastically Changed Google’s Local Search Results. You See Prior to Last July, If You Wanted to Get Your Business Listing to The Top of Google Maps Really All You Had to Do Was List Your Business in a Few Hundred Local Search Directory Websites Like Yelp, CitySearch, Foursquare, Yahoo Local, Manta, eZlocal, etc. And If You Did That, Within a Few Weeks to Maybe a Month, Your Listing Made it to Page #1. Basically You Could “List” Your Way to The Top of The Search Results. It Was Really as Simple as That…

Although The Ranking Factors Have Changed, Google My Business is Still The Fastest Way to Get Free Leads From the 97% of Local Consumers Looking to Find Your Products & Services.

If You Know Exactly What to Focus on and What to Stay Away From, You Can Get Your Listing to The Top Quickly.

What I’m About to Share With You Can & Will Have a Very Positive Impact on Your Business For The Rest of This Year and Beyond…

So in Order to Get The Most Out of This Training, While It’s Still Online, Is to Eliminate ALL Distractions and Get Out a Pen & Paper to Take Notes. Close Your Door, Mute Your Phone and Get Ready to Learn. This Will Make You More Money in 2015.

This Training Will Focus ONLY on Exactly What Works Right Now in 2016, Not What Used to Work. No Fluff or Theory, Just The Areas You Need to Focus on for FAST Results And Real Long-Term Staying Power at The Top of Google Maps.

Go to: to Start Your FREE Google My Business in 2015 Local Maps Optimization Training!

Watch This Video Again:

This video focuses on google my business seo and also google my business optimization & setup in 2016. It also can be used as a google my business optimization tutorial and google my business website building manual. I explain why should my business use google plus and google my business wordpress subject matter, google my business 2016, google my business youtube and finally google for my business….Phew!

Google Maps SEO – Local Search Engine Optimization Training in 2016
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”e2Q48xXfqGM” title=”Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2017 & Beyond) – Google My Business Optimization Tips” upload_time=”2015-05-06T21:00:42.000Z” description=” – FREE Google Maps Optimization & SEO Training Course on EXACTLY What to Do to Dominate the Google Maps Results in 2016! Need Help with Google Maps? Connect” duration=”PT1H11M50S”]

32 thoughts on “Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2017 & Beyond) – Google My Business Optimization Tips”

  1. Now this is good information that can be applied to almost any business. Most of the crap information I find on the internet about SEO and backlinks are unrealistic for many industries. Mike, thank you for taking the time explain in great detail!

  2. First of all, thank you for these insightful techniques, Mike. That was really worth watching and implementing. Just a quick question, what about the businesses that don’t have a physical address yet, for instance, an online ecommerce store.

  3. I have a question, what if a business called itself Chiropractor Sarasota, as a company name, but they were located in another town nearby. Could they still get their company shown in the results? If someone searched: “Chiropractor Sarasota”?

  4. Awesome this is useful SEO info. What do you think about my channel? I love to discuss SEO, SEM, and SMM concealed tips as well.

  5. Thaks Mike for you EXCELLENT video tutorials. I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve few question: 1. How do you hide or bury your page? 2. If you hide your page how do google show your page on SERP.


  6. Hi Mike, Would this work (instead of adding a new WP site with the keyword rich domain — if you registered the keyword rich domain, but just had to redirect people to your existing site? Thanks!

  7. Great video. I just got 3 questions:
    1) Is location page necessary if you are not dealing with multi location business? For a single location business, all those location signals could be inserted into the homepage and the category pages just be separate pages.
    2) With PR for citation boost, I’m not sure if it would be too efficient to have a different PR for each citation. Could you not link out to multiple sites ie website/yelp/FB/youtube from 1 PR? I know some outlets limit the links in the article so maybe limit to 2. PR are very white hat links so it shouldnt be a problem linking out to your site.
    3) Social syndication – syndicating to 30 social media accounts is cool but will that have any benefit if those accounts dont have any followers/friends to share your account with? For example 0 followers on Google+, you post a content there 0 chance it gets any likes or shares because no followers to see. Does that mean then you have to spend additional time managing 30 social accounts growing their follower base?

    Thanks, and very informative video overall.

  8. Thanks Mike, for a very informative tutorial. I have a query, I have a verified local business in one state and have a website for that with that local address only. if I have a same business with verified listing in other state/location, Can I use same website for other verified listing and how ? Regards and Thanks in advance.

  9. What if I don’t want to show my address on website.  I am a plumber that works from my house.  How bad will it effect my rankings if I put my address on all citations but not on website.  Just city and state on website.   What should I do?

  10. Excellent information! We plan to reach out to you. Local Florida Online is essentially a cooperative video marketing program for local Florida businesses. We want to assist local small businesses with not just leveraging YouTube, but also connect them to Google Maps and Local Guides. What’s the best way to contact you?

  11. Help! In our building there are two massage therapists. One is showing up in Google maps for massage and the other (mine) shows up only when I manually move the map a tad and the results refresh??!! WTF? please advise??? Thanks in advance…

  12. Would you or another SEO help me? This looks good, but it’s a bit beyond my skills. I’ll hire someone to build this into my existing site. It’s for Please contact me if you are a web designer.

  13. Hey Mike, like and shared the video… Couple of questions. Is there an updated version I see that Google My Business has changed again, also how did you create the file for Google Earth

  14. Love this especially for an SEO Virgin like me. It’s easy to understand and very thorough. Thank you for taking the time to share! Highly Recommend this Video.

  15. Hello Mike, Will you be updating the google panoramio details since google is doing away with it ? Fro google “Panoramio no longer available after November 4, 2016”. Thank you for the great video training 🙂

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