How Digital Marketing and Customer Service Can Work Together and Enhance Business Growth

How Digital Marketing and Customer Service Can Work Together

Looking for innovative strategies to enhance business growth is the road to success. An effective approach is to combine digital marketing and customer service, as these two branches can work together and produce astonishing results. Let’s see how digital marketing and customer service can work together and enhance business growth over time, which will; as a result, propel your company forward at a fast pace!

Using Social Media For Customer Support

One of the most useful ways to promote a business is through social media platforms. Everyone who has a mobile device has at least two or three social media accounts. That’s why using social media for marketing has a significant impact on a business.

However, there is one little thing that requires some thinking. Is your marketing team the best crew for communicating with customers via social media? Have in mind that people use social media to communicate. While marketing teams excel at creating valuable promotional content of the highest quality, they are not the best choice when it comes to communication. They don’t have the training and experience a customer support agent has.

For that reason, combining digital marketing and customer support with the use of social media as a channel is a fantastic approach that secures success.

Finding Unique Ideas

Creating unique digital marketing content over and over again is excruciating. No matter how good the marketing team is, sometimes they might experience a dry spell when it comes to getting new ideas. When that happens, the business may suffer due to a lack of promotional content that will keep current clients interested. Furthermore, the conversion rate might also suffer.

If this happens to your company, have no fear. The answer is right in front of you: engage your customer support team to find new marketing ideas. They are communicating with clients on a daily basis, listening to all the good and bad comments.

Customer support might be the channel you need to find ways to fix issues with current products or services, and at the same time, come up with a few fresh ideas or new products.

Understand More About Your Customers’ Shopping Habits and Their Persona

How well do you understand your customers? Is your marketing team listening to all the little things that might be of great value to your company?

A digital marketing team often works with the image of a perfect customer. However, that image can be far away from how actual customers think and behave.

While there are many ways to get this info, like using advertising agencies, conducting surveys and polls, that is not the same as talking to people and getting to know them in person.


Alt: Newton’s cradle with four yellow smiley faces and one red sad face instead of metal balls.

One unhappy customer will quickly turn into more, so use all of the resources at your disposal to prevent that.

A good customer support agent knows exactly who he or she has on the line. Everyone who works directly with people starts to learn their habits and personal quirks in no time.

The road to creating useful digital marketing content that will produce results requires you to know your customers and their persona. That’s why combining digital marketing and customer service plays such an essential role in enhancing business growth.

The Current Situation vs. Customer Expectations

Selling a product or service requires a great deal of insight. As mentioned above, understanding the buyers’ persona is important; however, that’s just the first step.

If there is one way for customer support to integrate with digital marketing, it is to underline customer expectations and use that information to improve digital marketing content.

Customers might often be reserved when it comes to expressing their real expectations of a product or service. Even if they are mildly satisfied, they won’t speak out about ways to improve the service. However, if they communicate with customer support, all those little details swim out on the surface.

If we observe this from an angle of a digital marketing team, they have an opportunity to change the marketing campaign into something closer to what their clients expect. Everything is about pitching the product to the customer. If you don’t hit all the right notes, they will give you a courtesy smile and a “Thank you,” and move forward.


Word “impossible” with a gap after “im”, and a person jumping over the gap.

Teamwork provides that “something” that turns impossible into possible.

This is especially important for industries that provide specialized services. To give you an example, this way of strategic thinking could help create client-oriented systems designed for movers in the relocation industry. Moving a household is a tedious and challenging process. People need all of their expectations to be met without missing any deadlines. The level of stress is too high, and there is no room for error.

That’s a perfect example of how a digital marketing team could use customer support info to learn more about customers’ expectations and let them know they have nothing to worry about.

Use Customer Experience to Promote Your Business

You can often see how companies promote their business by sharing success stories from their clients. Getting a good review or a positive comment is all a company needs to boost its popularity.

With that in mind, engage customer support agents and tell them to collect as many positive reviews as possible. Forward those stories to the digital marketing team, and use them as a tool to let others know how you treat your customers.

As a result, you might see a jump in the conversion rate in no time.

Provide More With Customer Loyalty Programs

There is a saying that every customer matters. While that is true from the customer’s perspective, it is a fact that companies value some customers more than others. If you have a client who spends hundreds or thousands of dollars every month, you will appreciate that more than a one-time customer who bought one or two products.

That’s why loyalty programs exist. It is a way to reward your best customers and offer them more. It is one of the strategies on how not only to meet but exceed customer expectations.


A girl with a smile on her face, showing OK with her fingers.

There is no better way to grow your business than to make sure happy customers remain satisfied.

With the help of customer support, you have all the necessary information to build a quality loyalty program based on customers’ desires. Once the digital marketing team works on packaging it for the clients, you can go back to the customer support team and use them to inform your customers about the new loyalty program you are offering.

As you can see, the conjunction between digital marketing and customer support has immeasurable value for your business. It does not only help you increase your earnings but also build a brand out of your company.

Sharing a Unified Goal

We’ve covered a couple of important aspects of combining digital marketing and customer service:

  • social media platforms are a channel that connects both digital marketing and customer support
  • use customer support to pass new ideas to the digital marketing team
  • customer support helps you learn about your customers and improve your marketing campaign
  • this unity helps you exceed customer expectations
  • promote your business with customer success stories
  • create a loyalty program as a joint success of digital marketing and customer support

As you can see, these critical aspects of combining digital marketing and customer support will help you enhance business growth. Together, you can all share a single, unified goal – create a quality service as a joint effort of all teams.

With that in mind, it is a good idea to implement cross-training, where digital marketing employees receive customer support training. They will receive knowledge of clients and how to understand them better. As a result, they will be able to create better and more unique content.


A group of people joining hands, with the map of the world in the background.

Only by joining forces between digital marketing and customer support will you be able to provide exceptional service and exceed customer expectations

In the same manner, custom support agents should get a glimpse into how digital marketing works. By understanding the key elements of digital marketing, they will know which parts to focus on when talking with clients. Not only will they be able to gather valuable data for research purposes, but they will also learn how to advertise the ideas the digital marketing team comes up with.

If you need more resources on achieving this, it is a good idea to reach out to a professional digital marketing company.

By implementing this cross-training, your employees are getting all the tools they need to help you push your business in the right direction!


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