How To Do Your Own Audio Mastering

How To Do Your Own Audio Mastering
Ever wonder how to do your own audio mastering? In this video, Bobby Owsinski (author of The Audio Mastering Handbook and Mixing And Master With T-RackS: The Official Guide) shows you the mastering tips that the pros use.

You’ll learn about T-Racks mastering software, CD mastering tricks, the mastering signal chain, and everything you need to know to master yourself.

For more info, go to Read some excerpts from the book at

Check out Bobby’s production blog at or

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”XH1NbFY7PvE” title=”How To Do Your Own Audio Mastering” upload_time=”2009-06-26T21:47:16.000Z” description=”Ever wonder how to do your own audio mastering? In this video, Bobby Owsinski (author of The Audio Mastering Handbook and Mixing And Master With T-RackS: The” duration=”PT4M22S”]

35 thoughts on “How To Do Your Own Audio Mastering”

  1. i don’t wanna like cause i like rihanna but i can’t fault cha though cause
    i don’t really listen to her music at all but damn show look at her
    magazine pics and tmz photos lol

  2. Great video, but if you still do not get how to effectively master or do
    not have the equipment and want commercial standard mastering at $25 a
    song, shoot us a message

  3. Had New England Productions master my CD and it sounds great. Even better
    it was cheap and I didn’t have to try to figure it out myself or buy more

  4. For mastering the best way is to call a serious professional. Yo will never
    do it right for yourself.

  5. K Voice Studios in NYC offers mastering audio for any budget! Katrina
    Degel, a Berklee College of Music graduate runs K Voice Studio, a studio
    dedicated to vocal recording and production, voice overs, mastering,
    teaching and more.

  6. You can get a car for $500 or $100,000. If someone cared about having a
    great car do you think they would go for the $500 car? 

  7. if it gets you from A to B, that’s pretty much good. I highly doubt you
    have any mastering technique that makes you some unique and fabulous
    company, otherwise you wouldn’t be advertising here on youtube haha. But
    also, I’d rather get a good car for $50,000 then for 100,000 because the
    price difference isn’t worth the minimal difference. It’s like guitars, you
    can get a studio quality guitar for $2000, but some people spend 75,000 on
    a single on. It’s because it has a novelty feel to it. 

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  9. That’s not a viable or affordable option for everybody, hence this
    tutorial. I’d like to hire Carlos Santana to play lead guitar on a couple
    of my songs but it’s not possible, so I’ll hafta do it myself. If you
    understand the principles and have a good ear it is more than possible to
    get good results. It’s actually fun to learn stuff too.

  10. I was thinking the same thing. It’s probably going to sound no different
    than after post-mix.

  11. it’s funny because no one cares about M/S mastering, stereo field,
    dithering… it’s sad because everyone wants to put their mix in a t-racks
    boombox shit and destroy all the transients they carefully made when they
    recorded… Do your best on the mix, then send it to a professionnal. They
    made studies for that. They know what they do and will not destroy your
    track. Also forget the 25$ a song, this is kids with illegal copy of
    t-racks and behringer monitors.

  12. Check out my master! I did my own mastering on “Beauty from an Unknown” and
    I want your feedback. Thanks in advance!

  13. It’s not always a good idea to call a “professional” I know a time when
    somebody paid a guy 5 grand and traveling expenses and this dip shit was a
    fucking moron. I have no idea why he’s got credentials and I’m not going to
    say his name but bottom line is…don’t let anyone tell you that you
    shouldn’t master your own stuff. That’s pussy talk. I have always said the
    way to a great master is a perfect mix. Mix your stuff good and master the
    qualities you mixed it to. A little eq can go a long way.

  14. Nice video… Short and to the point. Overall, I am happy with my final
    mastering out of T-Racks. Initially, I had some concerns that my music does
    not sound hot e.g. extra rectangular compressed waveform, but I grew to
    love my sound and the dynamics of my song. Not trying to get into the
    loudness war debates, but I do see why it happens. In either case, I have
    an idea of where I could use some improvement and I am looking forward to
    mastering my next project. Thanks again for sharing.

  15. Is it more efficient to master all my songs by ear or should I note the
    exact numbers for a song and apply them to the rest of my songs?

  16. Decent information! Search beatgenerals through here they usually have
    additional impressive FL instructions.. 

  17. Wow, very nice mastering demo, I completely agree. It’s taken me some time,
    but I’ve finally got it now and you’re spot on. Your vid has validated
    everything I’ve learned and experienced with mastering. Course, It can only
    help if one knows how audio works especially in the realm of electronics.
    Good Job!

  18. I bought T-Racks Deluxe a few years ago and later bought Bobby’s book on
    mastering with T-Racks. Wow, what a difference it makes on your mixes. I
    even have the E book version on my Kindle so I can reference it quickly
    while I am working. This is one of the few mastering guys on YouTube who
    really knows what he is doing and can explain it in normal non-tech speak.

  19. Are we forced today to compete with Loudness war? All my songs sound way
    too quiet compared with new modern songs, but when I boost them in order to
    sound as all other songs they sound flat and bad. This makes me allot of
    trouble while recording and mixing :(

  20. I don’t get it… Is this a video training coarse? In video he says “ind
    the next video we will…” but I can’t find any thing about this on the
    website? Sorry for being an ignorant, I’m not a native speaker, hehe…

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