How To Master A Song (My Current Mastering Technique) –

How To Master A Song (My Current Mastering Technique) –
Mastering a Song
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In this video I show what my current approach on how to master a song. Even though I would never consider myself to be a mastering engineer, it isn’t usual for me to send out a mastered version of my mix to the client.

The purpose of doing this is to demonstrate to the client what their mix would sound like once it has been through mastering.

I’m definitely not trying to go for perfection here but rather get it as close as I possibly can. It’s really hard to compete with a mastering engineer who has dedicated their entire life to the craft.

I also realize that this is probably a more expensive way to approach mastering your own song but also realize that there are many free options you can use that can mimic what I am doing. I just personally prefer the sound of my mixes going through the analog gear but that shouldn’t stop you from making a great record!

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song in video:
Avril – Another Step

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”6GNMTl3Xeg0″ title=”How To Master A Song (My Current Mastering Technique) –” upload_time=”2015-01-14T15:41:25.000Z” description=”Mastering a Song HQ Multitracks FREE EQ Cheat Sheet: Drum Samples: In this video I show what my current approach on how to master a song. Even though” duration=”PT26M57S”]

30 thoughts on “How To Master A Song (My Current Mastering Technique) –”

  1. Nice post! Very helpful!

    The song actually sounds like a hit! Is it something you were working on?

    My mixes look like the bottom end on the spectrum analyzer are weak even
    when I have the bass pumping as loud as I can. What can I do? Is it because
    most of my eq is adding a tiny bit of high end and hardly any bottom? If so
    how do I reconcile this if it was the best sound for each instrument

    Have you done a vid on balancing your mix? What about panning and filling
    up the entire spectrum?

    I’m mixing Afro-Cuban music and it’s very hard to not get cluttered cause
    it’s a lot of instruments like a big band ensemble.

    Any tips?


  2. Could you do the “API trick” with any outboard gear or do you find reamping
    via preamps? Ive heard plenty of times about clipping the DA of a converter
    like an aurora is this a more controlled way of doing that?

  3. Yeah, I hate long videos! Thanks for saying that in the beginning! it made
    me really wanna watch the whole thing! LOL thanks man!

  4. thanks man really great video but i have a question, did you keep the
    ceiling in maximizer at -6.4 db in the final mix?

  5. So when you pulled down the stereo imaging on the bass band, as I’ve done
    in the past, I noticed that this must be different than cutting the bass on
    the sides, which is my current goto at the end of my mix. I cut all the
    bass on the sides from 80hz usually closer to 200 so everything below that
    is completely mono, clean and headroom is saved. When you centre the sides
    like pulling down the fader in the ozone imager is it summing those two
    sides and adding to the mono part? I suppose that would make it louder? But
    Izotope probably found a way to compensate for that if it’s the case

  6. Here is my advise: to make your final soundtrack sound the best, work MAX
    possible with each individual track, and apply minimum processing to your
    mastering track! This is the top secret in music production field.

  7. 3 minutes of caveats and apologies! LOL No need here. I’m happy to get your
    free video. I wouldn’t complain about the length or anything else. Thanks
    for that. Great info!

  8. Don’t apologies for something you did right. 26 min is not long heck make
    this an hour and explain more details and I’d be happy to sit and listen.
    Good job my man.

  9. What if the signal is entirely digital, like a piece made of VST samples?
    Should I still convert it to analog and then back to digital?

  10. Hey man GREAT tutorial. Helped me a lot. You can make even longer videos if
    you want, I particularly think it’s even better when we go down to the last
    detail. Thank you so much!

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