How To Master A Song Or Album.

How To Master A Song Or Album.
Tips on cd, song, and album mixing & mastering Johnny Nomega Nomega Studios
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”nEpOAWqLzUU” title=”How To Master A Song Or Album.” upload_time=”2009-01-17T20:48:08.000Z” description=”Tips on cd, song, and album mixing & mastering Johnny Nomega Nomega Studios” duration=”PT8M28S”]

34 thoughts on “How To Master A Song Or Album.”

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  2. So far i have learnt from my practical experience that only listening is
    not, not enough in digital mixing. You have to depend on the metres to a
    great extent!!!! 

  3. you can Do this by ear only, if you got the hearing… andpick your
    earphones and speakers well (and buy different models of them).

  4. how can I get this program in use,if possible show me in a tutorial how to
    mix and muster a song in fl studio 10 and let me know what do we normal
    need to finish up a song from beat making to the final product and show me
    the most important plugin to use and where to pay attention in order to
    producer something of high quality. Thans,I am waiting for the reply.


  6. I mean when this guy gets a sore throat does he tell everyone he’s got

  7. FYI….this is not mastering…far from it…your room is not even treated
    concrete walls? Mastering involves phase correcting, eq, compression,
    limiting, and listening.

  8. I would hit the thumbs up button, however I’ve been finding lately that
    I’ve started doing the same thing at the mastering stage. If you’re the
    person who mixed the track, you already know what it sounds like and if
    your eyes are matching the spectrum’s output, you’d instinctively want to
    add an EQ to get rid of the mud and other shit. Just saying… I half way
    agree with you, however your statement about talking out of ones ass also
    applies to you.

  9. I’d also like to say, I am in no way. shape or form defending dude. Not
    intentionally, but he DID take the time to do something and add a video on
    youtube to at least steer people in the right direction. He DID say “these
    are the basics”

  10. I agree.. from what I heard on that camera that chick’s voice overs were
    like hella tuned.. melodyne did its job there like.

  11. Hi i think like you that this is not mastering….:-) But i have a question
    for you. What is “phase correction” and how i can do this in a song?
    Thank’s and ciao ciao from Italy…:-)!!!

  12. the first things I thought was… WOW that’s a lot of exposed concrete I’m
    hearing… You can’t possibly master in that environment. NOPE! He needs a
    shit load of diffusors and some bass traps at minimum

  13. Good tutorial! Got some needed info. Tho I can see why people think that it
    is not for beginners, because beginners need more detailed info about the
    knobs and meters.

  14. Thanks for this video with useful info. Being not a guru, let me ask: All
    those plugins, where do you insert them? in the track or master bus? which
    one for the track which one for the master bus? or just the track? Some
    help here please!

  15. Ooh man! Sorry to spoil your party. That mastering has a lot of work
    needed. Rule 1. No distortion. Your master level are reaching on red
    meaning to have to work around something there on your compression to bring
    it down whilst the maintaining the overall clarity, loudness of your audio
    file. One of the tricks to do that is your soundcard fuctions at 24 bit
    depths. Some people would change the sample rate too to higher sample rates
    looking for a better sound. Every mastering engineer may have his own style
    obviously but in the end your song has to be loud, full, clear with no
    distortion. Mastering a file it very tricky. Everyday when you master a
    file you will never know how it will turn out unless you have created
    presets…Sometimes you have to master it only to listen on another day and
    realize you have to start all over again. Also , always use popular songs
    to master your own song (referencing) to make sure you are up there with
    the best..

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