How To Mix Hip Hop/Rap Vocals In Logic Pro X

How To Mix Hip Hop/Rap Vocals In Logic Pro X
How to Mix Hip Hop/Rap Vocals in Logic Pro X
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”SrZv79Z1aiQ” title=”How To Mix Hip Hop/Rap Vocals In Logic Pro X” upload_time=”2014-12-10T00:02:11.000Z” description=”How to Mix Hip Hop/Rap Vocals in Logic Pro X” duration=”PT16M59S”]

14 thoughts on “How To Mix Hip Hop/Rap Vocals In Logic Pro X”

  1. You are awesome man keep going. I am going to watch all of your videos,
    then I’ll make a request. Thanks !

  2. Good lookin out on this helpful video Brody! If you wanna Make another
    video you should aim at how to Mix and master the beat now

  3. He don’t really know what he is doing. He’s not properly educating the
    viewers on how to mix. He’s basically saying apply almost everything you
    see me do to your mix. Thats not helping viewers. Not bashing you, but you
    stated early in the video that other people tutorials really get into
    detail on how to mix. Yours didn’t either. To be honest you don’t even
    understand what you’re doing. I’m not the best engineer, but I can do a way
    more professional mix than this.

  4. yo nice This vid answer Almost Every Motha—–fucking Question i had for
    the past 4 Damn months. I Click the fuck out of that subscribe button. I
    been in the lab grinding trying to learn all this stuff. I treat it like a
    video game and honestly it feels like one too. Learning and honing the shit
    out my craft and learning new forbidden jutsu. I feel like orichimaru in
    cave lmao. Its worth it though. But thanks alot I sat through this vid and
    took notes and can honestly say this was wonderful. Happiness is what this
    brought me. No Joke man. Email me at tim12e4@gmail .com . I would like it
    if you could interpret some of my beats and just tell me flat out what
    going wrong im willing and want to do all the work myself.

  5. good video! but when I tried that sample delay it made my vocals sound
    really phased and tin-like. I tried turning to down and it sounds alright
    when it’s player through the headphones but after I bounce it and put it
    through the speakers it sounds nasty

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