How To Write Optimized YouTube Tags For Video SEO

How To Write Optimized YouTube Tags For Video SEO
Writing optimized metadata for your YouTube videos, including tags, are very important for influencing how your video initially ranks in search results. However, YouTube recently changed some of the rules for how to write YouTube tags. In this video we’ll discuss if the order of YouTube tags matters, how many tags you should include, and what kinds of words you should use as tags for video SEO.

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39 thoughts on “How To Write Optimized YouTube Tags For Video SEO”

  1. I’ve been trying to add tags to my uploaded videos, and it won’t let me add them. It just shows a gray dot when I click on the arrow thing and doesn’t do anything else. Once I delete the tags it allows me to click the arrow. What’s up with that?

  2. Hi, I have a small music channel, and my question is, I uploaded a video a few years ago and in the description, I could copy and paste certain links that I wanted. On my few latest videos, Youtube wouldn’t let me do this, because it contained brackets. The only two punctuation tools I could use was . and _. I wanted to know why that is and if there is a way I could fix it, and copy and paste links to my description?

  3. Hi I’m a blogger and I want to get views and reach out to a audience of some sorts ..I’m not getting any views any tips please help! Thanks!

  4. I’ve watched so many of these videos by you, I do my best to implement all these strategies and my views are actually dropping, I must be pathetic or something? Any help????

  5. This was a helpful video, but it still didn’t answer my very basic question of how to physically write a tag under my videos- do I put a hashtag in front of it? Do I separate the terms with a comma? Can I write two word (grouped) tags? Thanks if you answer this for me!

  6. Nice info ’bout tags. Good to know it doesn’t matter how they are ordered. I could understand a bit better how they work. Thanks!

  7. Do I put my words between ” “, because I notice they are deleted afterworths, also does * work?

  8. Youtube has changed so much since I used to use it back in 2009 for a different channel. Thanks for helping me get up to speed with your videos.

  9. LOL I’m so glad you said that “for those of us like me like ‘meh’…creative instead of analytical” THAT’S ME TOO!!! Thanks for making me feel better Tim, as always!

  10. Thanks Tim. Yeah I was defiantly wondering the relevance of the order on your tags. Thanks for clearing that up.

  11. Thanks for all of the great videos. I’d already implemented several of these tactics you address when I started really working my channel on a daily basis, but you have brought several items to my attention that I either completely missed, hadn’t thought of, or needed to improve on. Thank you so much for the awesome advice.
    My channel isn’t really growing right now that I can tell, but it has definitely seen noticeable improvement in the past several months, largely based on your advice.

  12. I love how to the point, entertaining and easy to implement your suggestions are! Thank you ☺

  13. Dang! Thanks for the SUGGESTIONS Bro! Almost at another big milestone because of you!! ❤️

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