I Want To Be #1 On Google.

I Want To Be #1 On Google.

“I need to be #1 on google.” We’ve heard it all before, sometimes it’s best to just say “we can’t help you… we only work with those we know we can help.”
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”MIAEy4fshOE” title=”I Want To Be #1 On Google.” upload_time=”2010-10-01T09:31:31.000Z” description=”” duration=”PT3M1S”]

17 thoughts on “I Want To Be #1 On Google.”

  1. People in the business will always interact with a customer like this once in a while. That’s when the “We are the best” tagline gets put to the test. 

  2. It’s like i see my client’s attitude in this video! Not all of them!

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