IZotope Ozone 5 Plugin Demo: Dipesh Sharma Batalvi

IZotope Ozone 5 Plugin Demo: Dipesh Sharma Batalvi
iZotope’s complete mastering system in a single integrated plug-in includes eight essential mastering tools: Maximizer, Equalizer, Multiband Dynamics, Multiband Stereo Imaging, Post Equalizer, Multiband Harmonic Exciter, Reverb, and Dithering.

Ozone 5 Advanced adds 6 additional component plug-ins, extended features in every module, and an entire suite of configurable meters.

Order the iZotope Ozone plugin in India from:

Using the recent song from the film “Ishaqzaade” composed by Bollywood’s rising musician star Amit Trivedi, Dipesh shows us how Ozone 5 Advanced was used by him.
(Audio courtesy: YRF Music.)

Dipesh Sharma is a mixing and mastering engineer from Mumbai, India. He has extensive hands-on expertise, and a comprehensive skill-set with an in-depth knowledge of all high-end gear used in the field of music mixing and mastering.

Dipesh works out of Bollywood’s best known audio production facility – YashRaj (YRF) Studios.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”VZxO_NvsWGs” title=”IZotope Ozone 5 Plugin Demo: Dipesh Sharma Batalvi” upload_time=”2012-05-25T05:32:35.000Z” description=”iZotope’s complete mastering system in a single integrated plug-in includes eight essential mastering tools: Maximizer, Equalizer, Multiband Dynamics, Multiband” duration=”PT10M30S”]

40 thoughts on “IZotope Ozone 5 Plugin Demo: Dipesh Sharma Batalvi”

  1. Please… Take me under your wing and teach me! O.O Haha seriously though,
    your videos are brilliant. I can’t wait to make it to your level of

  2. cool sudeep.. nice work. Ozone is amazing, so is your sense of a mix..
    could you speak on studio acoustics? and making one with simple materials
    in india.. i want to make one for me..

  3. Google it bro… Search for Screen Capture… Really even I dont remember
    how stumbled upon this app.. !

  4. Well if your having to go about tweaking alot… It only means theres
    sumthing with the mix… Hope you feel the difference Before and After… 

  5. Really its very simple… Plz get your hands on the help file.. There are
    hardly any extreme steps required to master a track… Provided the mix is
    good and lends itself to a good master…

  6. Not sure what you’re implying, but I always make sure my mix is the best I
    can get it before I apply processing like the Ozone 5. I do hear a
    difference in your video, but it’s very subtle. Not sure it’s better, or
    only different. 

  7. This tutorial is really fantastic. If you will check beat generals through
    youtube they also have more thorough information about these things though.

  8. Thank you for this great mastering tutorial.Do you use only 1 ozone plugin
    for the whole mix or do you use 1 plugin for each section of your mix
    (vocals,bass,drums….ect)Thanks for again for share your tips.

  9. i love the beat sudee coming from trinidad this video make me go baCK in
    memories with tvshow like mastabahar

  10. Terrific video. Search for beat generals on YouTube they’ve a lot more
    phenomenal FL lessons… 

  11. This Is A Great Plugin When It Comes To Mixing And Mastering A Track Down
    In The Studio I Find It A Necessity In Everyone’s Plugin Closet here is the
    link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.toH2MB5t

  12. Here’s the link to the full song:
    Jhalla Wallah – Ishaqzaade (2012) *HD* *BluRay* Music Videos

  13. What is the secret behind getting such a clean mix, a question for Dipesh !
    I never get such cleaner sound from the arranger. Is this can be the
    reason that the arrangers with big budget use clean sound right from the
    scratch ??

  14. Hi dipesh I have a question, that what makes this plugin so unique ? we can
    use built in plugins right? Also do you use other plugins for mixing during
    your projects or just ozone 5?

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