Logic Express Mixing And Mastering Tutorial (part 1 Of 3)

Logic Express Mixing And Mastering Tutorial (part 1 Of 3)
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30 thoughts on “Logic Express Mixing And Mastering Tutorial (part 1 Of 3)”

  1. Only if it’s a HUGE amount of headroom. -10dB is a safe number to shoot
    for, though, if you want a lot of headroom. It all has to do with the
    resolution. Imagine having a tiny image and blowing it up, that’s what
    mastering a 16-bit file is like. When you’re mastering a 24-bit file, you
    have more resolution to work with and it only needs to be 16-bit when it’s
    done. You can boost it as much as 48 dB without worrying about losing

  2. Turning down the stereo out is not a bad thing. The way Logic is
    programmed, you don’t really need to worry about that. That being said, I
    try to keep the individual volume levels somewhat under control so the
    stereo out doesn’t go too far into the red and save turning the it down
    until right before I master. Not really necessary, but it helps me stay
    organized. Sorry for the late response.

  3. So I upgraded from logic Pro 7 to logic express 9, do I need to upgrade, I
    have all the soundbanks from Logic pro 7, I know I’m missing a reverb what
    else am I missing out on? Trying to figure out what to do about this
    situation, Logic express 9 was a gift from apple for fuckign up my
    computer, otherwise I would’ve upgraded to 9 pro. Please someone let me

  4. You will get a few more things with it, but if you’re happy with what you
    have now, just work with it until you outgrow it. If you’d like, you can
    check out Apple’s website to see what kind of features Logic Pro 9 has that
    you’ve missing out on. You don’t need to upgrade. I held off while I was
    learning earlier on (such as when I made this video) and I was fine without
    it, but I do like the new synths and that reverb plugin is amazing!

  5. Exactly, new synths are good but the main thing I’m concerned about is not
    being able to master my songs as good, I know that special reverb is
    crucial but is it still possible to master without it? EIther way thanks
    for replying so quick, I’m ready to do some serious upgrading but may as
    well wait for logic X at this point.

  6. So what do would you recommend as far as vst add ons and AU’s if person is
    just starting out and looking to spend a little coin on upgrades? I got the
    free ones The Camel and The Tryell, I’m really happy about them. I’m gonna
    get some preset packs for the Es2 and maybe the Camel. Do you own the

  7. First thing I would recommend is getting a loudness maximizer. It’s really
    helped me get my volume up without killing the song. I use Kratos
    Maximizer. It’s simple and does the job well. Just be careful with this one
    because it’s easy to go overboard.

  8. The reverbs included in Logic Express are great, and you can still make a
    great master using them. No worries there. I understand what you’re saying
    about waiting for logic X. I would probably do the same in your position.

  9. I do not own zebra2. I bought Massive a few months back and I’m loving it,
    but I’m glad I mastered the ES2 before diving into that.

  10. It always is awesome when someone has this kind of direct reaction (an
    understandable one) ! ;)

  11. I must admit, I laughed pretty hard when I read it! xD I live in my
    parent’s basement, so you were pretty close.

  12. HAHAHA ! Anyway, thanks for your tutorials, but can’t you post your vid
    with a better quality ? Cuz we can’t see clearly what’s written on you
    channel strips (All the plugin names and plugin settings). Thanks again for
    what you’ve done man !

  13. I’ve been telling myself to do this time and again, but I keep making up
    excuses not to. I’ve learned so much more since I made these tutorials, and
    I feel they need an update. Keep bugging me. I’ll get to it eventually.

  14. Just installed L.E. 7 on a mac pro and get audio (exsp24, etc) only on the
    INTERNAL SPEAKER, despite the fact that all audio on this mac goes to the
    LINE OUT super sound system. What am I doing wrong? Why is logic express
    outputting to the internal speaker??!

  15. Great video man. You mentioned you wouldn’t master an acoustic song with
    the same steps. What would you not do/do differently? Thanks man.

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