Logic Express Mixing And Mastering Tutorial (part 2 Of 3)

Logic Express Mixing And Mastering Tutorial (part 2 Of 3)
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22 thoughts on “Logic Express Mixing And Mastering Tutorial (part 2 Of 3)”

  1. @TheAegyptiacusTheory It comes with logic express (at least it did for me).
    On the plugins list, you can find it under Audio Units > Apple. If it
    doesn’t look like mine, there should be a button on the multiband
    compressor that’s labeled “view.” Click on this and choose the option that
    says “Apple Multiband Compressor” or “Editor” as opposed to the “Controls”
    option. Hope this answers your question!

  2. @vTheBlueprinTv Bounce it to PCM (aif, wav, or whatever) and drag that file
    into a new project that you will use for mastering.

  3. @liberatingpulse I was just about to ask where the multiband compressor is,
    so I’m glad somebody already had done – I admit I’d never used the ‘Audio
    Units’ section of the plug-ins before. Very useful, thanks! :)

  4. @stinianshiznit04 Yes, it’s definitely okay to do that. In fact, I’ve done
    the same thing to a piano before and it worked great! When using the
    exciter on individual instruments, you can go a bit more crazy with the
    settings (increase the frequency range down and boost the level) without
    too much issue, just make sure it’s not giving you a headache because the
    exciter can tend to do that when taken too far. In mastering, of course,
    you need to be much more gentle, but I already covered that.

  5. after i bounced it and went to open it it wont let me like i cant click on
    it do i have to do something or is not just working? really pissing me off

  6. @10charlie1 You should be able to take the bounced audio (wav or aif) and
    drag it back into logic for mastering. If dragging it right into the
    arrange window doesn’t work, I don’t know how to help you.

  7. what version of logic express is that? I have logic express 7 and I don’t
    have that plug-in called exciter. Is that plug-in downloadable?

  8. @Doques I was using LE9 at the time (now I have Logic Studio 9). It came
    built in. There might be a free exciter plugin out there that would work
    with logic, but I haven’t searched, myself.

  9. i make drum and bass, when im making the drum beat am i suppose to make it
    in mono or stereo? same with bass mono or stereo? cheers

  10. @mrdjeazy You’ll want the kick and the sub-bass sounds to be completely
    mono. If something is sub-heavy (below 100-200hz as a rough reference), it
    should be mono and in the very center of the mix. The snare/clap sound
    should also be in the center, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be mono.
    These make up the backbone of the track and should be front-and-center. The
    hi-hats and other sounds can be panned a bit, but don’t take it too far.
    Reference some professional tracks to see what they do.

  11. @MusicforLions Your’e welcome. Good luck with your music, and remember,
    this is just a starting point. Since I made this I have improved
    exponentially. Just keep working to make every new song your “best
    production to date.” It can be frustrating, but if you really love the
    music, it’s worth it. ;)

  12. choosing 24 bit over 8 or 16 bit increases your dynamic range, making soft
    parts softer, and loud parts louder. The sample rate is important too: you
    should consider exporting with at least 48000 in that realm rather than
    44100. This increases the clarity of the tones, making every frequency
    sound better. The higher the sample rate, the clearer the tones.

  13. True, but the current standard for audio is 44100. 48000 if you are talking
    about audio for film. If you choose 48000, then you’ll have to do some
    sample rate dithering when down-converting to 44100 which may make some
    unwanted artifacts. If you want to choose a higher sample rate, it should
    be at least double what you want the final product to be to avoid any

  14. He just bounce the track to audio …then u add the audio file in logic and
    u add the effects on the master chanel for the mastering..

  15. Right now, I do it for $35 a track, but that might change depending on how
    many you need done and how fast you need them.

  16. Your multibandcompressor is in the “apple” section, when you’re choosing
    you’re plugin, choose Audio Unit, the apple, and you’ll see it in the
    middle. :)

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