Logic Pro X – #76 – Mixing (part18): Finishing The Mix, Final Thoughts Before Mastering

Logic Pro X – #76 – Mixing (part18): Finishing The Mix, Final Thoughts Before Mastering


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29 thoughts on “Logic Pro X – #76 – Mixing (part18): Finishing The Mix, Final Thoughts Before Mastering”

  1. omfg… If been trying to bounce my track for 3 days now and it was so
    distorted when I bounced it. Turns out I forgot to turn of the EQ I had on
    the master that was making like every frequency louder… I feel so dumb

  2. Thank you so very much for taking the time to do these series. I’m very new
    at this and learning a lot. On your mastering video #76 (Part 18) right at
    the beginning… to remove DC offset, you double click on the track and the
    track editor opens up, except I do not get the Track and File buttons on
    top. I am running the latest version of Logic X. What can I do to get those
    buttons on my track editor? Your video was published a while ago and Logic
    has had a few updates since then, it seems something changed along the way.
    Your assistance will be greaty appreciated.

  3. Thanks for this great Tutorial. There are some Questions, that came up
    while watching, they don’t all refer to this particular video, but to the
    complete mixing-series: Next to the main solo button, on top of the tracks
    in the arrange window, there is a button with an “H”, I don’t seem to have
    this button, what does it mean, and what is it for? Next to the “H” button,
    there is another button, its blue and has a flag and a small pull-down
    arrow, what does it mean and what is it for, i don’t seem to have this
    button either(yes i use logic pro x 10.2.0). The yellow automation button
    is in every track in your video, i only seem to have it on top of the
    tracks next to the main solo button, is there a certain reason for that?
    you seem to be able to activate automation for tracks individually, i only
    have a general button for that. And one last question: the logic
    compressors you are using have the look of logic 9, mine have this new
    vintage look and also seem to be more complex and probably potentially
    causing more overload issues. (Although I don’t have problems, its just
    they seem more simple to use). Is there a way to switch between old an new
    compressors, or do i have to have logic 9 installed? happy new year!!:-)

  4. Anyone can chime in here but, what is the prime purpose for bouncing at all
    before mastering? can the track not be mastered as stems? what problems
    result from starting the mastering process directly onto the mix (with a
    single track of course, not ones parallel for an album). I believe it gives
    you more control but do indeed need to know if I should walk by faith
    towards the bouncing the mix first method. Preciate any feedback.

  5. Hey Josh, just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for your Logic vids. I
    would have been completely lost in the program without your help. I just
    finished your series on mixing, very well done! You have a gift for
    teaching, the way you explain Logic’s tools and concepts is relevant and
    easy to understand. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  6. Thank you for all these videos, I have watched your entire mixing series!
    Praise God for your knowledge on this subject, may He bless you and
    increase you in Him – in Jesus name!

  7. Hey mr.Tech! I wanted to drop in and thank you for this series, it has been
    a huge (if not vital) help. you are really good at explaining things and I
    feel you lay it down in a way that made it possible for a beginner like me
    to understand. I actually mixed my own album, partially based on your
    videos. how about that! you can listen to it here

    and now, a year later when I´m closing in on my second release I once again
    turn to your videos to make sure im not forgetting anything. and it still
    holds up. so, thank you!

  8. First of all, thank you for these amazing videos. I went through your whole
    series for my whole three day weekend and it was well worth it! I just have
    the mastering one to do. The one question I have is in regards to third
    party plugins. Which ones would you actually recommend?

  9. Hi, i’ve got a question about compression. Why do you add a compressor to
    almost every track and how does this add value to the mix? If anyone else
    can respond that’s good too!

  10. I started recording my album on my iPad and then later I progressed to an i
    mac so it began at 16bit but some of the album was recorded on the iMac at
    24bit/.. When bouncing down therefore which bit rate and sample rate should
    I use?

  11. I swear…if I watch one more tutorial with an ear-bleeding intro and
    barely audible narration…!!!!! Makes it worse when it happens in
    tutorials about “good audio”. But free is free so ¯*(ツ)*/¯

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