Logic Pro X – #77 – Mastering In Logic

Logic Pro X – #77 – Mastering In Logic


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26 thoughts on “Logic Pro X – #77 – Mastering In Logic”

  1. Not sure if this is a stupid question or not, but does this work with all
    styles of music or just this?

  2. Great Job and I have learned so much from you and your videos! Than you for
    taking the time to do these and to tech others the art of music!

  3. I have Logic Pro X and I don’t have the 2 tabs “Track” or “File” pop up in
    mine. Is it due to the particular edition of Logic that I have?

  4. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and putting the time into
    this,.. very helpful and informative,.. Keep rockin !! Cheers

  5. I have mastered a track following your instructions, however, after I
    bounce it, the wav file is very quiet.

  6. How do you get the whole song to be on one track? I know its a dumb
    question but no one has ever told me

  7. Absolutely amazing thank you! We’re recording our first EP with my
    girlfriend, we’ve done everything ourselves from scratch, & it was the
    first time for me having to master kind-of-properly, I mean not just
    pushing the gain up. Hopefully our project will come out great thanks to
    you! Cheers.

  8. Hey is there any video’s on clipping inside the plugin? I’m clipping inside
    my multi band but but only by a little. I thought as long as the master
    wasn’t clipping you were good? Damn, its always something I see.

  9. Huge thanks for the awesome lessons and uploads! Just had a quick question.
    Although you are mastering a rock song, do these same principles apply to a
    hip hop track?

  10. Quick question – if I follow every instruction in this video to a T, and my
    song is crackling at the end (even though I watched the multimeters and
    every gain stage to make sure things weren’t anywhere remotely near
    peaking), does that mean I just recorded something too hot? It’s literally
    a solo guitar track that I did a DI recording of with Guitar Rig 5. I’ve
    noticed that it only peaks and crackles when I listen to it on my iPhone,
    and it isn’t anywhere near being as loud as any average song, either.

    Sorry. I’m new to this stuff, and I’m sure I made a dumb mistake along the
    way. Any help would be more than appreciated! Love your videos.

  11. 2 questions. why not master in the same project you mix in? considering
    you’re putting all the plugins on the output anyway? is there any specific
    and also is too much head room a bad thing when mastering? (if you already
    added automation to tracks in your mix and you’re still at -15).

  12. Thanks for your great videos. Now, howcome I don’t have the two btns
    “TRACK” and “FILE” when I dblclick the track? The file editor does not
    appear in the WINDOW menu on my version of Logic Pro X (10.0.7) Do you have
    a video that shows the initial steps of importing etc…? Sort of
    “mastering for dummies 😉 ?

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