Logic Pro X Tutorial – Mastering/Mixing Tutorial/Tips

Logic Pro X Tutorial – Mastering/Mixing Tutorial/Tips
Hey Guys and Gals! Hope your all doing fine and well!

Here’s a tutorial on mastering a track. I originally wanted this video to be short but I don’t think it’s possible when talking about mastering ­čÖé hence the 47 minute video.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”Ias2QwuYpco” title=”Logic Pro X Tutorial – Mastering/Mixing Tutorial/Tips” upload_time=”2014-06-30T17:21:40.000Z” description=”Hey Guys and Gals! Hope your all doing fine and well! Here’s a tutorial on mastering a track. I originally wanted this video to be short but I don’t think it’s” duration=”PT47M8S”]

32 thoughts on “Logic Pro X Tutorial – Mastering/Mixing Tutorial/Tips”

  1. Great video, most people who upload videos never go ‘step by step’ through
    a complete mix from scratch…so much appreciated.´╗┐

  2. Nice and Neat Video Nate ­čÖé Btw, I’ve found out that people usually bounce
    a wav or aiff as the mix and then perform master on a separate track so
    that most of the hardware is dedicated to the mastering process alone,
    rather than going into plugins for EQ, compression, delay, buses, flex,
    pitch correction, etc. Nice work on the video though. I’m sure it’ll help a
    lot of people. And as for certain so called professionals giving you
    negative feedback, well there is no standard way of mixing or mastering
    sound. No one can ever say this is right and that is wrong/ Mixing is an
    art. It solely depends on the artist. All he has to do is to learn how to
    use his tools properly. Cheers :)´╗┐

  3. Bouncing and work on a single track might come in handy on slower systems,
    because you dont need all the effects on each track and their automations.
    Especially reverbs are heavy on the cpu. Same goes for effects sections in
    different instruments…´╗┐

  4. Hi,I have a question.I have 10.1 Logic and I use to have an Output stereo
    1&2 that I could put mixing plugins in the strip next to the master
    strip.Now I just have `Settings `What’s up with that ? Thanks´╗┐

  5. Thanks to you, i made my first song, I am still getting better and i would
    like, only if you have time just to look at my song and tell me what i can
    do better ­čśÇ thanks mate ! (or any one who is up for feedback on it) :D´╗┐

  6. Its funny though that the video has music that blasts my eardrums way too
    loud ­čśë lol kinda strange´╗┐

  7. mastering is not used to make a track sound good .after mixing the track
    should sound perfect .the only purpose for mastering is to bring a bit more
    clarity and sparkle´╗┐

  8. I noticed that you said you want to try and avoid clipping in the track,
    but I noticed that your “output” track is clipping. Forgive me that I
    haven’t yet finished watching all of the video, but I will get to it. So
    what is the difference and how do I adjust it properly?´╗┐

  9. hey Nate i watched this entire video and utilised every detail on my song.
    Im an acoustic artist that has recently gone into house and dance and this
    has helped alot, having said that if you or any producers are keen for some
    guitar and vocal stems im happy to give them away :-)´╗┐

  10. hey so i have a question … and the reason why I’m asking cause i feel
    like i am the only one who does this.. so basically i wanted to know if
    panning certain if not all the instruments gives a more of a benefit then
    just having it all on 0′? … I pan everything even doubling tracks and
    panning them opposite one another to give a fuller sound but I’m not sure
    if thats accomplishing anything or if its going to be difficult when
    mastering? .. (EX. Synth lead .. 2 tracks… same chords/same notes … one
    facing 35′ the other -35′) .. it sounds much fuller but let me know please

  11. Amazing work on this channel. You got skills. Let me know when you upload
    new vids, maybe we can help in some way.´╗┐

  12. Wow thanks so much for this tutorial. It’s such a help for a newbie!! It’s
    perfect. I’m new into music making and asked myself a lot about good mixing
    and mastering. There are a lot of tutorials but i had bad feelings about
    most if them and their tipps. It’s not just let software do the job in the
    end. It’s about cleaning every track, not needed/shared frequencies and
    creating a rich composition/sound. Using the Meterings and Limiter in the
    end makes sense. But i’m asking myself why so many people bounce the
    project in one new audio track project before mastering. Isn’t there a lot
    more information and detail in the original project with all the tracks
    seperate (audio/midi/instruments/vst/au)??´╗┐

  13. This is a good start for someone learning mixing and mastering still from
    the beginning stages. Thank you sir!´╗┐

  14. Hey guys, a long time ago I saw a tutorial on panning in Logic and the guy
    was using a tape delay so he would pan the instrument whichever way he
    wanted then add like a tiny unnoticeable tape delay to make it come out the
    other side too. My issue is I don’t know how to make just the delay come
    out one speaker and the original instrument come out the other. Ive been
    having to just duplicate the tracks and pan one one way and the other the
    opposite to create space in my mix. This sounds like shit usually. Any
    advice would be much appreciated. It’s Trance type of music if that
    matters. Thanks!!´╗┐

  15. hey man great vid. just a quick question. I’m new to mastering, and my
    tunes always sound muddy as they have a lot of things going on at one time.
    Any advice on this :-)´╗┐

  16. Good video on how to eq individual tracks. Not a good video if you came
    here learning to master.´╗┐

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