Mastering Rap/Hip Hop – All The Secrects Revealed

Mastering Rap/Hip Hop – All The Secrects Revealed
Get hands on Mixing and Mastering training with 7 video tutorials and a Pro Tools session at

When Mastering Hip Hop and Rap we have the goal of a loud clear sound that can compete with everything else out there. I take you through EQ, Compression, Limiting and edits to get a solid mastered song that will hold up against any song out right now.

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Chubbo Watts “Real Life”
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”yPWbUDUn2eI” title=”Mastering Rap/Hip Hop – All The Secrects Revealed” upload_time=”2014-10-26T20:31:48.000Z” description=”Get hands on Mixing and Mastering training with 7 video tutorials and a Pro Tools session at When Mastering Hip Hop and Rap we have the goal of a loud clear” duration=”PT16M9S”]

31 thoughts on “Mastering Rap/Hip Hop – All The Secrects Revealed”

  1. do i put the limiter on the beat or the master fader? and thanks bro helped
    a lot

  2. hey bro….your bumped into your videos when i was looking at DAWs to
    switch to from adobe..ur videos and quite helpful bro..i finally got pro
    tools on i would like if you can help me with a list of plugins to
    download…i am into imaging and radio i need a list of cool EQs
    and compressors…you know those voice tuning you hear on jingles and
    promos…thanks man..i will appreciate a response from you..cheers

  3. this shit is amazing bro i used this on my mix and damn it came out dope
    thanks bruh

  4. Very informative video, thanks. I do have a question though, what did you
    do to the instrumental? I see that there are two plugins on the beat’s

  5. Thanks a lot! Just wondering do all these plug ins come with pro tools?
    Even the ones you use to mix down with?

  6. Thanks for these tutorials man! I just watched the Mixing video and now
    Mastering. What type of mic do you have your vocalists record on? I have a
    deep voice and it’s hard to find a good fit for a mic. Any other
    suggestions, also? I currently have the Rode-NT1A

  7. put Hip Hop or rap on your titles and you will get over 20k all the time
    rappers look at your video more then anything . trust

  8. Very good, HOw you use The Plug CENTER and TRANSXWIDE ? i need to know for
    master mi rap music

  9. Question, did u master the beat separately and then add the vocals into a
    new session to master the whole? Looks like that’s what you’ve done. I’ve
    heard people do that before and swear by it… They say it’s like bus
    compression on steroids. True or na?

  10. most equalizers rely on phase shift, which is benign and necessary. Whether
    implemented in hardware or software, standard equalizers use a design known
    as minimum phase, where an original signal is combined with a copy of
    itself after applying phase shift. In this case, “minimum phase”describes
    the minimum amount of phase shift needed to achieve the required response.
    Equalizers simply won’t work without phase shift. But many people indict
    phase shift as evil anyway. In a misguided effort to avoid phase shift, or
    perhaps for purely marketing reasons, software developers created linear
    phase equalizers. These delay the audio the same amount for all
    frequencies, rather than selectively by frequency via phase shift as with
    regular equalizers.

  11. why u using a preset on your compressor? i dont think this mastering preset
    is for hip hop, because every music genre have his own sounding and after
    this u have to set ur Compressor.

  12. sick tutorial. an the dude sucks tho lmao i was born with a cleft palet got
    surgury for it when i was young but i can still rap better then this Guy.
    ? atleast i know i’m not the worst rapper out there.. ?

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