Mastering Studio Quality Rap Vocals

Mastering Studio Quality Rap Vocals
This tutorial covers the fundamental steps of mastering a rap/hip hop/Rn B song. It covers the usage of basic plug ins to help achieve a studio quality sound. Remember that all vocals are different and require custom mastering to achieve maximum quality.

You will need: A condenser microphone (i use an apex 440)
A pop filter to remove air flow to the microphone
Good acoustics (no echoes or re-verb)

Please leave a comment telling me if my video helped you achieve studio quality vocals.
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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”0NtjY1uuGQs” title=”Mastering Studio Quality Rap Vocals” upload_time=”2012-02-22T17:11:33.000Z” description=”This tutorial covers the fundamental steps of mastering a rap/hip hop/Rn B song. It covers the usage of basic plug ins to help achieve a studio quality sound.” duration=”PT12M35S”]

35 thoughts on “Mastering Studio Quality Rap Vocals”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH! I FINALLY did my first song that sounds really good!
    Mixing/masteringwise that is :D

  2. cant u c this aint good i can barely hear ur voice n ur voice sounds like
    it is in a distance or compresed

  3. Of course “Whatever works for you”, because not every vocals need the exact
    same mastering, everyone’s vocals are different. This is just a basic thing
    for you to work with. If there was one perfect way to mix/master it, people
    would’ve made a simple plug-in that does it all for you, without needing to
    change settings. Tutorials aren’t shit, people are.

  4. This is just a beginning point for anyone to start with, from here you can
    figure out on your own what works for you the best.

  5. man you have a lot to learn….you music is peeking,,,,,so how can you mix
    your damn voice,,,,,my,my,my 

  6. Good clip.. Any one looking into the most efficient premium classes using
    the web needs to just take a short look at beat generals, they usually have
    teachings around the styles of any of your most popular rappers and

  7. Because, when mixing and mastering vocals, you can’t just go straight from
    a video. Everyone’s mic and vocals are different from each other. It’s all
    about trial and error.

  8. maybe someone can help me out in adobe audtion cs6 if i create a file where
    it saves the multitrack file it also makes its own folder now when i try
    and delete the folder and file it says “could not find this item THIS IS NO
    LONGER LOCATED IN c:USERS ETC ETC but im looking right at the folder? what
    is going on? this is so frustrating plz someone heeelpp i would much
    appreciate it

  9. You also cant be a dumbass, learn how all the frequencies and knobs work to
    tune everything and what not so you can find out what works for you .. Try
    experimenting if you have to.@CrazyICArtist

  10. This isn’t studio quality the vocals from your initial mix are too low
    blend them with the beat and eq then to fit then add a little compression
    to level them out. Your mastering process is right but you lack technique
    on how to actually use the plugins maybe you don’t know what they are used
    for (i’m assuming)

  11. You can barley here your vocals bro, try using the amplify at first then
    compress -8 before you do anything else. Just friendly advice. 

  12. friend, thank you, I’m from Brazil, followed in his footsteps and it
    worked, congratulations. success for us.

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