Mastering With Maximus

Mastering With Maximus
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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”7un53KKm264″ title=”Mastering With Maximus” upload_time=”2015-09-28T19:29:43.000Z” description=” Learn How to Make Beats Like the Pros. Join Now for FREE at and Learn the Secrets of the Pros” duration=”PT20M53S”]

18 thoughts on “Mastering With Maximus”

  1. Can you explain the purpose of mixing every track to -6db. before you
    master it or send it off to be mastered?

  2. But what if i didn´t hear a difference between with or without the
    maximus when you showed it in the video. Is my monitors too bad?

  3. why would anything go beyond the scope of the video? this is a tutorial for
    using maximus, so why wouldn’t you explain everything? because that’s why
    you make a tutorial, right?

  4. I know this is an old video, but should you master before or after adding
    vocals to a track?

  5. Hi Game,
    In the compressor window on the left, where you turned off the snap and
    adjusted to -.3db, you can leave the far right pointer at say, 0 db and
    drop just the middle pointer down. Then you can make a soft knee by
    creating a curve. The way it is at default, with one line at a 45 degree
    angle and the other line vertical, it has hard knee.

  6. maximus is not only a limiter because you can change the ratio and the
    threshold and do crazy stuff with it

  7. quick question, do the low mid and hi bands have to reach the threshold? of
    course not surpass it due to the compression ruining the feel.

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