Mastering With Stock Plugins: EQ –

Mastering With Stock Plugins: EQ –
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40 thoughts on “Mastering With Stock Plugins: EQ –”

  1. To do a very good master, you would have to individually fine tune each
    instrument/track and not bounce the track as a whole. for beginners i
    suppose mastering the track as a whole with the tips Graham gives is great
    but to get stuck in you’d master each instrument separately. For example,
    in bass heavy songs in genres like drum and bass and dubstep you’d want the
    kick and the bass to sit nicely together in the final mix by fine tuning
    each instrument using EQs and what not. Hope this helps

  2. honestly… is studio one better than logic pro 9? please be honest
    guys…. i am looking into getting into studio one

  3. Am I tone deaf? I have no idea what you did to the snare “ring” and the
    vocals, it is not even barely noticable… now I feel bad :((

  4. Don’t feel bad. It’s hard to hear that sort of thing. He made a tiny
    improvement. If he didn’t show what he did I would have thought that he
    made an adjustment on the snare compression. Are you listening to this with
    decent headphones or studio monitors? 

  5. Well, dt770pro through a duet2 – surely no barefootsound monitors, still
    was hoping it would be just a bit clearer to hear! End result vs. before is
    much clearer. I will blame the evil,evil youtube compression for eating the
    tiny dynamic changes!! :)

  6. Do you have any points on mixing heavy distorted guitar.. I never see that
    in your vids . Is it harder ..

  7. Those are great monitors. I have a set of Sure840s. Just keep listening and
    you’ll hear it. I always put his videos at max resolution and play back
    sections again and again to hear the adjustments. Try focusing on different
    frequencies for each listen. Also, do the exercise yourself and then come
    back and try hearing it again here. 

  8. depends what aspect you’re more into. Logic has better midi whereas Studio
    one is more of a all rounder

  9. man thank you big for doing such,your tutorials are simple to follow,what
    will I do without you,i have tried so many tutorials from other people,but
    yours surpass

  10. I Love the Detail in your Videos, it really helps in explaining and showing
    what your doing. Especially with the Closeups and everything THANKS!

  11. how come u didnt use highpass to roll off below 30 herts or lower, would
    like a explanation on this graham

  12. The ultimate lesson here is this. The final mix and final master MUST be
    done by a impartial, non-band member. Take a guess what a mix done by the
    guitar player is going to sound like. Or worse yet, the bass player (just
    kidding) Having an impartial 3rd party do it accomplishes several things.
    It cost money, which inhibits endless tweaking, AND, you might be surprised
    at what the non band member engineer focuses on. It’s a good mix, when
    everybody wishes they were slightly louder.

  13. hey i have a question . what is correlation meter for? if the meter is at
    red what does it mean? if its at blue what does is it meant ? and lastly
    what is correlation

  14. Your tips have helped me so much! I’ve learnt more these last few months
    than I ever thought possible, your videos are literally 90% of the resource
    I’ve used. I’ve watched about 20 of your videos just today! I love this
    song by the way, where can I get it??


  15. WTF? fixing the vocals and snare in a master? why would you not do that in
    mixing? mastering is for loudness only. if you need to fix shit go back to

  16. Dude, your videos are fantastic. I am a Chicago area Jazz Guitar player who
    started recording and mastering my own stuff and your videos are sooooo
    helpful. You are also quite a musician and singer as well!!! 

  17. There’s always a problem defining what mastering is. Would you say that
    mixing is all the relative stuff and individual instruments, but if you got
    that right but need some broad EQ of the whole track without affecting the
    balance its where mastering comes in? 

  18. Noob Question

    I use pro tools express, I start with the drums, then add bass, and guitar
    and synths then vocals, so I have multiple tracks on my projects, and I mix
    from there.

    Is it better to export it into 1 single audio track (without vocals) as you
    see on here when it comes to mixing and improving the sound?

  19. Not related to the content, but why would you use studio one when you
    already have Pro Tools installed? the thing is a lot more people use Pro
    Tools than studio one, therefor a lot more would learn from the native
    plugins of Pro Tools than those in studio one, since every DAW comes with
    good plugins and not so good ones…

  20. What you’re doing here is EQing the final mix. I know you have to work with
    what you’ve got, but some people in mastering suggest that the client sends
    them all tracks so the details are there and tracks can be tweaked
    individually. Any thoughts?

  21. I noticed at the end the red clip light was on. Doesn’t that mean the track
    is clipping and that’s bad for the track, and you would want to turn the
    volume down?

  22. Can anyone tell me where i can get the song he is Mastering? I can’t find
    it nowhere :(

  23. Graham ! I didn’t know you used Studio One … what abojt a review of the
    last veryion ? It really excels in every aspect ….

  24. Right up to now I use EQ, Limiter, Compression… on individual tracks (
    typically on bounced midi tracks including solo drum tracks, I usually use
    EQ pre-sets like Bass for Bass, Snare for Snare, Piano for Piano…. . Same
    for Compression or other mastering tools ), that procedure still has it’s
    place even as a means of changing the tone of the sound ( or enhancing it
    ).I hadn’t considered EQing a whole track before.

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