Mastering With Stock Plugins: Limiting –

Mastering With Stock Plugins: Limiting –
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22 thoughts on “Mastering With Stock Plugins: Limiting –”

  1. If the song ain’t loud enought, turn up the volume. If that ain’t enought,
    buy an amp.

    Use Dax!!!

  2. I really wish I knew this earlier. I now understand how to use the limiter.
    Thanks for another great video!

  3. also… with soundcheck on itunes and spotifiy everything is level
    matched… so the “louder bonus” is lost anyway.

  4. Graham. Thank you for posting these free tips to get us started. It is so
    good to finally be excited about making music again. (previous passion
    lost) Real excited to put out music for immediate loved ones to hear and
    so good to have your tips and tricks making up most of the producing on my
    tracks! Thanks so much!


  5. how would you apply this to the Cubase stock limter? It doesn’t have a
    threshold knob. Just input output and release. would it be in my best
    interest to find a limiter with a threshold knob?

  6. Hey guys, i need people that know how to master, i know how to do it my
    self but need another person to do it for me, is always better to have
    someone else to do it, write me back ASAPPPP!!!!

  7. Can someone here explain why when I bring a reference track into my DAW it
    is much louder and is actually clipping by 2 dB or so? 

  8. Hello, I could use some advice. I am new to all this stuff and I watch
    videos and try to absorb as much as I can. I do not have the professional
    version of Studio One. I do have the Artist Studio One ver 3 that has some
    of the same pro-eq, limiter, compression, and other tools. I understand I
    will not be “mastering the song” presay, but if I use these tools, which
    track or buss should I use them on. For instance should all my tracks
    contain pro eq? compression? or should I only have that on the Main out?
    and just use effects like reverb and chorus on my individual tracks? things
    like that. Sorry if I am long in the tooth here, I am a novice and want to
    learn more :)

  9. I have Studio One 3, and when I use this Limiter, the more I increase the
    Threshold, the QUIETER the sound gets, and the lower the levels go, RMS
    levels included…… I’m totally confused

  10. please help me. i did exactly what he said and my mix got QUIETER when i
    bring the threshold down!!!! what the heck?!

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