Mastering With Waves Plugins (FFL!)

Mastering With Waves Plugins (FFL!)
Welcome to Friday Forum Live! The session will kick off at 1pm (BST). This week we welcome Point Blank Head of School JC Concato who has worked with the likes of Bjork, Portishead, The Cure and Erasure. He will be showing you some mastering tips with Waves plugins on a track taken from the Ableton Dubstep course.

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The aim of the sessions is to give you a taste of how our online school masterclasses work as a method of feedback and interaction, whilst providing an opportunity to ask live questions to our team.

Here is a low down on how it will work:

– Lasting roughly 30 mins
– Hosted by Course Advisor Luke Hopper and Instuctor JC Concato
– Luke will be on hand to answer any general course related questions
– JC will provide some mixing tips which you can also ask questions about
– Recorded broadcast will be available to anyone to watch back at a later date

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Point Blank music school, based in London, has been voted “Best Music Production & DJ College” six times at the annual T-Scan Awards. We offer professional tutorage and guidance (both here in London and online) in a various aspects of the music industry, from production and DJ skills to, singing, radio production, and music business. Our courses are led by successful producers, artists, singers and industry insiders who teach in a switched-on environment with regular visits from industry figureheads, DJs, producers and more. If you want a solid grounding in any of the above skills, plus increased job opportunities, then Point Blank is the place for you. Please head over our website to find out more about our courses ::
Point Blank Music Production College prides itself on:-
Personalised teaching from music industry professionals.
Small, intimate classes with state-of-the-art equipment.
Real connections to the music industry.
Proven results for students.
Reliability, experience and credibility (over 15 years in business).
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”BQOUjhywWVg” title=”Mastering With Waves Plugins (FFL!)” upload_time=”2012-09-21T13:05:26.000Z” description=” Welcome to Friday Forum Live! The session will kick off at 1pm (BST). This week we welcome Point Blank Head of School JC Concato who has worked with the likes” duration=”PT58M55S”]

27 thoughts on “Mastering With Waves Plugins (FFL!)”

  1. знаем мы вас каждый по своему делает!!!!!!!!!аппаратов уйма воще !!!!!!вот
    и глаголит и глаголит!!!!!!!!запомни мужик уши у всех разные!!!!!!и
    восприятие разное звука!!!!!!мастеринг это шутка которую придумали злые
    люди,чтоб заработать !!!!!!!

  2. excellent video!! ive been trying to get to grips with mastering a track
    with a big bass line for ages! this helped so much!

  3. Like your vids, but just a little observation,edit the video so that the
    presenter isnt seen looking down at his laptop seemly ignoring the
    demonstrator while he speaks.

  4. So why did he never give a clear answer about RMS levels at the end. He
    started talking about the difference be the L2 &L3??? Can we know his take
    on this please?

  5. can you use waves plug ins in snow leopard 10.6.8?…i ask because all of
    their plug ins tech spec are designed for 10.7 or higher.

  6. @18:53 +1 Octave higher than 86 Hz is 172 Hz, not 161 Hz I would correct
    that if you are trying to teach people. Also you might want to boost the
    resolution for the video. Besides, thx for tutorial!

  7. Is there a free plugin I can get for ableton to show (as the multi-meter in
    logic does) the phasing, to see if its in or our of phase?

  8. Remember to leave lots of room in your mix for the mastering process. How
    much room? About as much as that v-neck.

  9. rude////…. but i mean, yeah, rude.

    still a really great vid.. easy to follow, not gonna just criticize.
    informative, and i can even here most of the frequencies he’s euing now

  10. Do you master in 44 , 48 or 96? if your mix is in 48 or 44, do you master
    in 96? great video you got there !!

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