Metal Mixing Guide #2 [Re-amping, Mixing, Mastering Explained]

Metal Mixing Guide #2 [Re-amping, Mixing, Mastering Explained]
2nd part and additionals files here:
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”Zpiw0aBH4RE” title=”Metal Mixing Guide #2 [Re-amping, Mixing, Mastering Explained]” upload_time=”2015-05-07T07:37:51.000Z” description=”2nd part and additionals files here: ” duration=”PT51M19S”]

19 thoughts on “Metal Mixing Guide #2 [Re-amping, Mixing, Mastering Explained]”

  1. I like this very much.
    Can you give some advice (or maybe even a video tutorial) on multi-tracking
    for rock or metal.
    Perhaps take a classic rock-metal track, like maybe “Enter Sandman” and say
    how many tracks are for guitars/vox/bass/drums and their position/pan
    setting etc. I know that every song is different, but an idea where to
    start would be really appreciated.

  2. hey man, GREAT job your doing,realy!!! i’m looking for the guide i witch
    you explane the routing and configuration of superior with cubase. whats
    the name of that tutorial? and please, keep on doing what your doing M/

  3. Hello! Thanks for the video.
    I would recommend you changing the language of cubase to english, then it
    would be much easier to follow. Especially if the viewer are trying to
    follow you and while using a different DAW. At least I would prefer
    English. Think about it! Thanks! =)

  4. what version of Trillian bass do you use? when I look it up, there seems to
    be different versions of it.. like trilogy and that?!? I just bought myself
    a tech21 vt bass pedal.. but hearing your Trillian bass I’m shocked! it
    even sounds pre compressed and nicely level

  5. What do I need to buy for this kind of mix? Getting really frustrated with
    my mix.. Got a lot of ideas, but it never gets good in my head, because the
    mix sucks.

  6. I wonder if you could unravel Fleshgod Apocalypse’s secret, I’ve watched
    like a lot of your videos, which I thought were brilliant, however, I
    haven’t seen anything that’s proper symphonic metal, now I have this song
    here and I’m trying to mix it but it just doesn’t sound like how I want it
    to sound, got any tips for making sure every piece of the orchestra is
    clearly heard while keeping the thing metal and everything else? Fleshgod
    Apocalypse’s latest record, King, and Adagio’s Archangels In Black have to
    be some of my favorite bands ever, in terms of music and production.

  7. has anyone actually managed to reproduce any of this stuff. I’m seriously
    thinking of givinj it a go with the patron thing… but i use reaper. not

  8. Nice videos! Helped me a lot! Can you do some mixing tutorial of
    “Neoclassical old bands, like Masmsteen” please?
    Thank you man!

  9. One question, do you record the Guitar into a .wav/.mp3 file or you
    generate it with a VST? If so, what VST is it? Thank you in advance.

  10. You make me leave behind all my software and start using all you use… and
    I might actually do it.

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