Mid Side Processing In Mastering – TheRecordingRevolution.com

Mid Side Processing In Mastering – TheRecordingRevolution.com
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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”Sy84ctvSE8M” title=”Mid Side Processing In Mastering – TheRecordingRevolution.com” upload_time=”2012-05-23T02:05:03.000Z” description=”Download my free eBook Become my Patron ” duration=”PT9M7S”]

22 thoughts on “Mid Side Processing In Mastering – TheRecordingRevolution.com”

  1. Awesome! It definitely spread the mix out from the center. I will certainly
    use this on my mixes

  2. I’ve been wondering; Are plug-ins, effects, or whatever you can call them,
    with names such as “stereo widening”, or anything with “widening”, the same
    kind of idea, or is that technically different?

  3. Very good video. I absolutely recommend the Brainworx bx_digital V2 EQ
    Plug-In on the UAD2 card for this. It’s all this, plus eq for each mid and
    side, and de-esser. It costs more, but it’s worth it.

  4. This Waves Centre plugin is really limited. The Terry West Masquerade
    plugin is free and can do more dramatic stuff than this, and with full EQ.
    Alternatively, it can be done using Voxengo’s free MSED plugin for total
    control over width and eq of centre and side tracks.

  5. Save some cash. This can easily be done without a plugin.
    Split your stereo track into multiple mono > Hide/make inactive the
    original stereo track > Pan each mono track left/right > Duplicate one mono
    track > Pan it center > Invert the phase on the right or left mono track
    (whichever sounds better) Then add your signal processing, independently on
    each track as needed.

  6. Unfortunately this video is misrepresenting what the Waves Center plug-in
    does. It’s not merely mid-sides processing or simplified stereo treatment
    (That’s what S1 does). As have been mentioned there are several tools that
    do mid-sides. None of them, however, replicate exactly what Center does.
    They are complementary rather than replacements.

    As usual, the best way to learn what tools that will work best for you is
    to get some material in need of treatment or processing ready in your DAW
    and install multiple demo plug-ins on your machine and compare what they do
    for your sound. 

  7. i ended up watching this with a huge smile on my face… ive been dying
    with all the buses i had to do to create this effect and its so easy lol…
    its so subtle and it makes things come out so much wider.. i’ll be using
    this on every bus group lmao

  8. this Center (waves) plugin is useless . i have it . if you want to do
    mid-side mastering buy brainworx or izotope as a plug in

  9. What would be interesting is the technique of pushing the width of the
    audio beyond the loudspeakers. I’ve even noticed this effect appearing in
    many television programmes, particularly ‘The Big Bang Theory” where the
    ‘Whoosh’ sound between the scenes shoots out way beyond the loudspeakers.

  10. Hi Friend, what is the name of this track it is amazing! I need some
    healing! Hope everything’s fine for you brother, peace!

  11. “Punch controls the spread of transient content between the Center and
    Sides, affecting
    the center detection and the center detection meter.” – User Guide ;)

  12. very nice video! how can this process be on the chain? 1st or last on final
    mixes or mastering process? have great day.

  13. I think you are just explaining how this plugin works, because you are
    losing a lot of mid freqs content desirable in vocals

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