Mixing And Mastering A Track From Scratch [Part 01]

Mixing And Mastering A Track From Scratch [Part 01]
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38 thoughts on “Mixing And Mastering A Track From Scratch [Part 01]”

  1. Great tips about shaving the low end and getting some gain reduction for
    increasing headroom.
    How do you find the ableton standard plugs compared to waves etc?

  2. Im fine with talking quietly and shit, but if youre gonna talk so low then
    dont make the music volume so high!

  3. What do you have on your master? Because it doesn’t seem like you lowered
    the volume of the invidual tracks, like you should, still theres no
    clipping on the master volume. How come?

  4. High Quality EQ is more important that Christmas LOL I cracked up. Great

  5. Hi, I don’t agree with putting EQ before the Compressor, in the effects
    rack…why would you enhance some frequencies, with the EQ and than cut
    them down with the compression? i prefer to compress the sound to equalize
    all frequencies, than boost up some more interesting ones, did someone
    understand my point?

  6. Whats the programme called? I wanna start mixing and producing my own music
    but i have no idea where or how to start.. which one is the best programme
    to start with?
    Thanks! :)

  7. ur so relaxed. very cool man, subbed. tw, couldnt you just used the built
    in Utility plug in for widening the stereo? any obvious differences?

  8. I have a problem when mixing! my vocals either come out too bright and
    crisp like almost a smooth screeching in your ear or they come out too
    bassy and boxy! why is it that i cant hit that natural smooth sound?

  9. I’m a little confused about something. Is sadowick using the stems of a
    track for this mixdown? Are you supposed to wait to export your tracks into
    stems before using eq and compression? Any thoughts would be appreciated,

  10. magic, thanks so much, these tutorials are THE BEST! ‘just kinda wanna snip
    off the tip’ at 5:30 had me laughing for days.

  11. Thank you very much Sadowick, this helped me alot (as did alot of other
    tutarials from you). “High quality on your EQ is more important than
    christmas” -Sadowick 2012

  12. Can you explain the sidechain and the selection of the input in each
    circumstance? I cannot see what you are selecting.

  13. I’ve just a question, i’ve seen this in multiple video tutorials, and i
    don’t understand. why do u use EQ without seeing the frequency played ?
    what i mean is usually the EQ show the display of frequencies played and
    there is a lot of people that don’t use this, why ? is it better to not see
    the frequency and just do it by ears ? or is there another explanation ? i
    don’t know if i well explained my question, i may have not use the right
    terms but hope u understood, excuse me i’m french ^^

  14. what do you do for gain staging at the beggining of mixing in ableton?

  15. I always thought you took out any frequencies that doesn’t affect the sound
    of the instrument. Is that right or not?

    Also i use EQ as a sort of sound design. So my wave table of most
    instruments don’t look like yours. e.g bass take out all highs, kick take
    out highs, hi hats take out all lows

    Am i doing it wrong

  16. You know are you really showing us how ableton works. Or are you like a
    little kid getting a kick out of playing the same old beat over and over
    again . Can you do better than this or are you just stuck. Be honest with
    you , I am not learning nothing.

  17. Even before you started to mix, the track seems nice and wide. Thats what I
    seem to be missing with my music. But even just listening to random youtube
    stuff, everything seem nice and wide. Maybe its something I need to do
    internally with my computer or something.

  18. Such a great video for mixing so far. Thanks so much for making this in
    such a smooth manner. Your tutorials are detailed, slow at the right times
    and on point. I really appreciate you for making these tutorials for new
    music makers, and seasoned ones to reflect back on and reference.

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