Mixing And Mastering For Beginners For Cubase 5

Mixing And Mastering For Beginners For Cubase 5
Minor mixing and mastering for you vocals on cubase 5
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”wmsZWy_mOzY” title=”Mixing And Mastering For Beginners For Cubase 5″ upload_time=”2012-09-05T22:05:25.000Z” description=”Minor mixing and mastering for you vocals on cubase 5″ duration=”PT10M27S”]

21 thoughts on “Mixing And Mastering For Beginners For Cubase 5”

  1. I can make 1 but my stu is actually down right now but yea theres
    definitely a way u can bring that beat out more

  2. what you are refering to about 3:40 when the Gate is cutting off your
    words..move the threshold down further or move the release to fit your
    need…Always use Basic Compression on vocals..Always..Compressions primary
    purpose is to level out the low and the high volumes in the vocals

  3. Yea i have my compression set already i customize it so i dont have to do
    it everytime its already set when i need it

  4. If I’m not mistaken, when you have the EQ open you can double click on the
    number and manually put it in. This will get you right on 10DB. Also if all
    of those tracks are bogging down your system, if you use a lot of inserts,
    try “freezing” the tracks”. This should help get rid of the RAM usage, and
    hopefully speed up things. You can always unfreeze them if you need to edit

  5. Thank you n notice that lol Cuz my shit was moving a lil slow I switch a
    few things up since I made this

  6. In your EQ to get a specific number like 5.0 just click on the number thats
    already there and change it…good tutorial.

  7. Umm dam cannon ahh my shit down in I didn’t even no I could send u the
    actual plugin that came with cubase 5 how u do it n I could try it

  8. thanks for that tutorial man. Most of the cubase tutorials are users who
    show you how to clean vocals up using waves like that is a basic plugin
    your going to have that comes with it. i’mdefinitely going to work on
    watching this video and using these steps over andover to sink them into my

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