‘Mixing And Mastering Hip Hop Tracks Tutorial’ Sonar X3 – 2014

‘Mixing And Mastering Hip Hop Tracks Tutorial’ Sonar X3 – 2014
Learn how to sell beats and how to properly run an online production company!

Final Song:


In this video I go over some simple things you can do to clean up your vocals on hip hop tracks, clean up kick drums making them stand out more without squashing your mix. In the end I go over some of my favorite plugins for mastering a track in Sonar X3.

This video is for Beginners, it is long so if you are new to recording your own vocals watch this video while working on your tracks.

Please note, most of these plugins can be found in pro tools and other DAWS they will look different but eq’s are eq’s it is the frequencies that matter.


[ne_semantic_video video_id=”8OxK424S8Qs” title=”‘Mixing And Mastering Hip Hop Tracks Tutorial’ Sonar X3 – 2014″ upload_time=”2014-06-26T05:16:56.000Z” description=”Learn how to sell beats and how to properly run an online production company! Final Song: NEW DRUM KITS: In this video I go over some simple things you can” duration=”PT36M47S”]

35 thoughts on “‘Mixing And Mastering Hip Hop Tracks Tutorial’ Sonar X3 – 2014”

  1. cool vid! i learned a lot 🙂 btw, am i stupid, or you don’t have the
    “mastering” video on your channel? thanx & God bless, mate ;)

  2. Good info fam.. I’m also working with hip ho and using Sonar X3 Producer
    edition. Are you a Christian? I heard you mention something about God in
    the verse o that track. +88Beats 

  3. I have done very little so far with SONAR X3 other than record some basic
    guitar and vocals because it is so overwhelming. I’ve started watching the
    videos they included, but your video is SO SO SO helpful to a full-on
    newbie it is ridiculous (and I didn’t even get past 20:00 yet)!

    I didn’t even know where to access my FXs (I have practically ZERO DAW
    experience – other than spliting and moving clips)!

    I was following along with you in the Cakewalk synth tutorial example I
    have open and I was able to open FX in the bus like you did, but I couldn’t
    figure out how you accessed FXs in the track view. Then I realized that the
    top of the track view window has a drop-down… mine said “custom”, I
    changed it to “FX” and now I have it.

    I know this is super basic stuff, but it really helped me a lot, so thank

    The tip on thickening the 808 kick (and how to access the EQ) is fantastic
    Six months ago just after I upgraded to X3 I was so frustrated that I
    actually asked Sir-mix-a lot on his twitter how he got the bass sound in
    the song “Testarossa”.
    He actually responded and said to use an 808 kick and detune it and layer
    I could only find one 808 in my X3 Studio (it was some keyboard synth?) and
    it sounded like crap- weak and no bass. And then I got busy again with

    Where do you get your 808 from or did you say you make it in FL?

    It seems like all the synths that came in Studio sound all fuzzy and lo-fi
    and the kicks are so thin and weak I don’t know if they could even be fixed
    with EQ (which is something I’ve never even tried before as a total
    newbie), so I’m about to buy one of these super cheap $7 sound packs for
    z3ta+ – the “dark and dirty” one.
    I’m hoping it will also have an 808 or something similar to it.

    What is the difference between recording two vocal tracks simultaneously
    and having one? I must be confused because it seems like it would be the
    same mono sound coming from each side- even though it is in a separate

    Again, I know this is super basic stuff, but it helped me so much that I
    feel like I can get started with more advanced stuff without having to
    watch every single slow dry video! 🙂 Thank you and God bless! I’ll have
    to check out your music!
    … Need any electric guitar solos in it? 🙂

    I’m psyched now!

  4. Why do you have the kick, bass and snare set up as stereo on each of their
    individual tracks when engineers set them as mono in particular; regarding
    audio tracks such as this?

  5. Hey whats up 88 i need some help bro. Im starting to get better at making
    beats but im having some problems mixing.mastering. Could you check out
    some of my beats and tell me what im doing wrong? Thanks

  6. When You Say That The Compressor Should Be Last..Do You Mean The Brickwall
    Limiter/Compressor or any compression period should be at the end when
    mixing vocals

  7. Which version of X3 do you have? I highly recommend upgrading to Producer
    when it is on sale. Good job on the video. Not many hip-hop Sonar videos
    out there.

  8. Excellent job. Not only is the mix beautifully engineered, but the jam is
    pretty hot. You’ve really broken down your process clearly as a teacher.
    You’ve got the ear of a professional studio engineer so you’re much better
    equipped than most musicians to lay down a song. Keep up the good work.
    You’ve got the package.

  9. there’s a mix man I worked with at Nyquist, called Raz Klinghoffer, and he
    is very cheap and his mixes are truely awesome
    Wish he’d made a video about his technics

  10. Hey bro really nice tut…anyway you can do another one with more focus on
    beats instead of vocals.i really want my quality to be better but dont
    really understand how ..if you do please make it a step 1 2 type of thing

  11. Generally panning 100 left and right. Doesn’t that just make it weak in a
    mono fold? I’ve noticed that. I usually avoid that UNLESS i’m mixing R&B.
    There’s just too many tracks to cram above that 50% mark.

  12. I’ll share some advice with you on recording your vocals you need to split
    up some of your lines because I can still hear you taking breath record a
    certain part of your verse that you know you can do without having to
    breathe again stop lay a seperate crack another track doing the rest of
    your verse break it up like that 

  13. Hey whats up brah i was watching your videos and was wondering how do you
    do phase inversion vocal isolation for making acapellas for remixes thanks

  14. Hey man I’m an up coming artist from new york city trying to put out my
    next mixtape and I know that my content is good and I have a following but
    the problem is I’m not sure how to manipulate the software like you showed
    in this video and I was hoping to get in contact with you to talk

  15. I hate bro, I had to mix and master my whole LP with the sorriest DAW known
    to man. I had to teach myself about eq and compression, hard limiting to
    amplify to max volume without clipping. I spent a year on this LP but could
    have really used some of this advice. Thanks man, I’ll keep this advice for
    the next run

  16. I feel like I can’t do this w Sonar Professional, like I feel like the
    mixing & mastering process is assed out & it focuses more on the drum
    program they have. Is this the case ??

  17. the compression was the 4th effect you added to your chain, the brickwall
    limiter was the last. is this the correct order? by the way, did you use
    the “too much gain” preset on the brickwall?

  18. Excellent tutorial! I mainly use Pro Tools but just switched to X3 today..I
    can’t wait to apply some of this. Thnx 88!

  19. Hi, Good tutorial. Thank you very much for making this video. Did you make
    the next video on mastering? Would really like to watch it as I want to
    learn how to do mastering after a Mix. Thank you

  20. Man…nice work. I feel like I know you from somewhere or you’ve worked
    with some of my boys in the past. WE should collab. Godspeed to you, my
    friend. Keep bangin’ them beats!!

  21. If you want a good thud kick, one that moves right through your chest on a
    loud P.A or sound system.. It’s all about the 70hz.

  22. Thanks. I have never used sonar until recently and I love sonar but didn’t
    know names of good VSTs to use coming from using logic.

  23. this purely about mixing. I’m already a certified mixing engineer. i came
    for mastering. nothing here…..

  24. what up didnt see the link for your mixtape hit me feel free to follow
    twitter @N8who

  25. How do you bypass audio effects through automation. Its blanked out for
    vst2 which I use mostly

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