Mixing And Mastering In ACID Pro Pt. 2

Mixing And Mastering In ACID Pro Pt. 2

This video explores the basics of equalization, compression, delay, reverb, vocal mixing, drum mixing, bass mixing and mastering using Sony ACID Pro.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”FI6F6W5k_UE” title=”Mixing And Mastering In ACID Pro Pt. 2″ upload_time=”2008-12-03T18:25:51.000Z” description=”” duration=”PT9M56S”]

11 thoughts on “Mixing And Mastering In ACID Pro Pt. 2”

  1. Pain 1 went from “I don’t really like rappers” to working with the top
    artist today lol. You gotta respect that hustle from 6 years ago. Keeps me
    on my grind.

  2. Hi Pain, im from Madison also, just wanna say thank you for these videos, I
    know this is mad old, but thank you. Much respect. I saw you a couple
    years ago. Fall Guys, opening for Del the funkee homosapien. Good times.
    small club. im dirty4track and im on soundcloud. PEACE!

  3. does anyone else hear the camera man breathing through his nose the entire
    video?? Kinda making a whistling sound. LOL

  4. hey warning everyone if your processor isnt a intel etc waves plugins will
    not work other then that acid is a professional program using it to produce
    my first album its badass and effective

  5. Great Tut Bro!!! I noticed you said -“Compress before Eq” . Do I do this
    for every vocal ? and how about instruments… do ya think I should do this
    for each instrument??? I just started putting a basic 4-pc band…1-vocal –
    Guitar – Bass – Drums and we have a live recording but…I am new to pc
    recording or DAW recording and … I am new to using Acid Pro 7 . I bought
    it online at B & H Audio and Video store in NYC in 2014 but only am now
    getting into using it. I really wanna get into learning how to Mix my bands
    track well and if you could share with me as mentioned above a first goes
    compression – then – Eq then *_*? – Then *_*? etc etc for vocals and if
    there is a first *__Compr. – 2ndThen___*? – 3rd Then____? etc etc It would
    help me out big time. I am an adult and I take my learning and instructions
    hard to the mind – yet I am humble as pie brother!!! I just wanna learn and
    any idea or thought you give will be used instrumentally my friend. Thank
    you and Great TUT!!! God Bless. 2/15/16

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