Mixing And Mastering Preperation Basic Tips For Using FL Studio 10

Mixing And Mastering Preperation Basic Tips For Using FL Studio 10
This is how I do things, and I do work on a professional level (meaning I make actual $$$). If this is “wrong” according to your college/highschool music teacher I don’t really care. There’s no wrong way to mix or master music, as long as it sounds good then why does it matter how it’s done?

If you want to hear the unmixed vs mixed version of this track you can jump from unmixed at: 4:05 to mixed at 21:05 .

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These tips for Mixing and Mastering will
work with any DAW, just not FL Studio 10.
All you have to do is add your sounds to
whatever mixer track you have for your
DAW and use your DAW’s parametric
EQ and bam! You can do it there too.

Also, I know this tutorial is crazy long and
I know I get carried away when talking.
So I apologize in advance lol. I hope this
helps out a few of you guys and I hope
you enjoyed watching this.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”1kn2mGjxSr8″ title=”Mixing And Mastering Preperation Basic Tips For Using FL Studio 10″ upload_time=”2011-07-28T13:30:46.000Z” description=”I DO NOT CLAIM TO BE ‘DOING IT RIGHT’… This is how I do things, and I do work on a professional level (meaning I make actual $$$). If this is ‘wrong’ according” duration=”PT26M19S”]

26 thoughts on “Mixing And Mastering Preperation Basic Tips For Using FL Studio 10”

  1. the help. just starting and have barely any idea what im doing but my buddy
    maikeruumao sent me to you because you explain this stuff so very well. !!
    btw listened and watched the entire thing.good job dude!

  2. Thank you for that. I did get all the way through the video. You’ve been
    extremely helpful. 

  3. You did a great job on this video. I apologize for posting this here but
    it’s impossible for a new DJ to build an audience on youtube especially
    after the new commenting system. I don’t mean to spam. I just want to tell
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  4. You are the furthest thing from “professional” cause this sounds like a
    distorted mess of shit.

  5. Hard to mix when the melo is crap… sorry. And cut off all low freq in
    snares and hihats, makes it cleaner. I never start with the limiter because
    its makes it harder to mix, add the limiter when you master the track. But
    a good beginner vid!


  6. Lmao. The song you’ve made should be named Sausage Fattener. Sau-sage
    Fat-ner Sau-sage fat-ner sau-sage fat-ner sau-sage fat-net

  7. i tried mixing my song and then it sound different, i just put some reverb
    and it sound a bit echo effect, kinda nice.

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  9. Great video man! Really High quality stuff and good learning for people
    like me who are producing daily. Its great to see different ways to EQ
    Stuff and this is a great way :)

  10. There’s that guy Raz Klinghoffer , that has some really cool technics, he
    mixed on of my songs, so if you’re looking for an engineer this is your guy

  11. Hai tyler Thank you so much for teaching how to mixing & mastering. Im
    produce too. But i dont know how to mix & mastering. Thank you although
    little bit

  12. how do you get the pattern tabs under your track tabs? For me it’s only
    tracks the entire way down :-/

  13. Pretty dope. Makes me feel like i have to step my game up. Keep em coming.
    Would be cool if you could return some feed on my work also.

  14. Great work on this vid. You got skills. Let me know when you upload new
    vids, maybe we can help in some way.

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