Mixing And Mastering Tutorial [Plugins Only]

Mixing And Mastering Tutorial [Plugins Only]
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A Mixing and Mastering Tutorial with Cubase 5. Enjoy!

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”zfqTzq_tndM” title=”Mixing And Mastering Tutorial [Plugins Only]” upload_time=”2014-08-22T22:27:49.000Z” description=”Download This Video In Full HD – 1080p Here! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Download 22 Lessons 100% Free: A Mixing and Mastering Tutorial with Cubase 5. Enjoy! – tags” duration=”PT53M46S”]

33 thoughts on “Mixing And Mastering Tutorial [Plugins Only]”

  1. thanks for checking out my shitty ass video man. I use reaper tho, not
    audacity bruh. but looks like your learning people so right on. good luck
    wit it.

  2. Congratulations and thanks for taking the time and effort to produce such a
    clear and useful tutorial for us beginners. Your pace and flow of ideas are
    great and it makes it possible to understand what you are explaining
    without the need to “rewind”. Thanks!

  3. I used nuendo for many years, I used a hybrid system, between nuendo has a
    master and protools in 2 different daw, basically on nuendo make the mix
    ,and the master output play and record on protools, in that y make start
    the mastering I used a few dsp and will route my signal on analog gear, and
    finally return to nuendo. :)

  4. Well thank you for invite appreciate your interest. honestly I mostly sing
    and collab… and play around on keyboard. mixing comes from my collabs.
    best to you its cool!!!;-))))

  5. Thanks for the vid Paschalis, very informative. Couldn’t help but notice
    your EQing technique with Fabfilter, I am usually more subtle with my EQing
    but will try this. Also the use of the L1 on many tracks to make room for
    limiting in mastering, very interesting.
    Cheers from Canada.

  6. I’m not quiet sure what the relavance is to my video, it seems like you
    linked a lot of people to this video including me. I don’t have a pc so
    it’s not really useful to me but I’m sure it’s a very useful video so thank
    you for checking my vids out anyway :)

  7. Nice!!! youtube doesn’t want to publish your comment on my channel no idea
    why.? but you have put a lot of work into the music. I can definitely
    appreciate that. I’ve been living on my setup at home day and night for the
    la st 4 months. taght myself everything from square one with pro tools as
    my first but now one of 8 of the softwares I use to make ALL of my own
    music. take a minute to listen. at my most recent uploads. that’s where
    videos like yours brought me to this point. thank you for the time you took
    to stop n get me to your channel. I’ll definitely be watching your tips as
    a subscriber. one love

  8. Hi, Yeah this song was written and sung by Graham Cochrane over at
    He also shows how he recorded the song, it was part of EP he did, please
    check it out……..

  9. Dude!!!! Nice video it’s actually so helpful! I subbed to you. You should
    sub to me

  10. Great tutorial man! I’d like to watch a new one where you may explain the
    eq in details, speaking about harmonics, fundamental. Hope it’s possible
    for you! Thanks. Art!

  11. how did you add the snare sample in? did you have to play it in with a
    midis controller?

  12. hello, I was very interested with your suggestion but did not understand
    what he said because I am Brazilian, would be able to translate the audio.
    Thank you very much in advance

  13. Great work on this video. You got skills. Let me know when you upload new
    vids, maybe we can help somehow.

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