Mixing And Mastering With D Ramirez – The Master Chain

Mixing And Mastering With D Ramirez – The Master Chain
Free online music production tutorial with top international producer D.Ramirez

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Mixing and Mastering with D.Ramirez

With the Mixing and Mastering online music production course, you will learn how to get your music sounding fat, crisp and ready to play on the biggest systems. Follow D.Ramirez one of the worlds top electronic music producers as he Mixes and masters his latest track right before your eyes. From the very basics of working with stems, to compression, limiting and mix-down techniques. D.Ramirez will recommend his favorite plug-ins and show yu how to apply them to your music to make it sound huge!!

This a fantastic course for the more experienced producers looking to take their music that one stage further…

This course is for Intermediate and advanced logic users and music producers, and will be great to users of earlier versions of Logic looking to expand their skills in Logic X.

You can watch the videos as many times as you like, the course notes are yours to keep and download onto your computer, aswell as a free sample pack with samples from top producer D.Ramirez

Section 1 – Lesson 1 Mixing Environment
Section 1 – Lesson 2 Room Treatment
Section 1 – Lesson 3 Headphones
Section 1 – Lesson 4 Working with stems

Section 2 – Lesson 1 Creating Your Stems
Section 2 – Lesson 2 Creating a mix template
Section 2 – Lesson 3 Adding stems to arrangement
Section 2 – Lesson 4 Organising Stems Part1
Section 2 – Lesson 5 Organising Stems Part 2
Section 2 – Lesson 6 Creating Scree sets
Section 2 – Lesson 7 The Monitor Mix
Section 2 – Lesson 8 Bussing and Routing

Section 3 – Lesson 2 Pe-master Sidechaining
Section 3 – Lesson 3 Mix Tip Don’t be seduced by treble
Section 3 – Lesson 4 Mix Tip Aviod Low Frequency Rumble
Section 3 – Lesson 5 Mix Tip Bus Your Double Sounds
Section 3 – 6 Mix Tip Learn To EQ like the pros
Section 3 – Lesson 7 Mixing the kick drums
Section 3 – Lesson 8 Mixing the Claps
Section 3 – Lesson 9 Mixing the Loop and Hats
Section 3 – Lesson 10 Master Bus Compression
Section 3 – Lesson 11 Mixing the Bass Lines

Section 4 – 1 Intro to vocal production
Section 4 – Lesson 2 Tightening Up The Vocal Performance Using Flex Time
Section 4 – Lesson 3 Using Vocalign
Section 4 – Lesson 4 Bouncing Vocalign In Place
Section 4 – Lesson 5 Using Strip Silence on Vocals
Section 4 – Lesson 6 Tuning Vocals In Flex Pitch
Section 4 – Lesson 7 Mixing The Female Vocal PT1
Section 4 – Lesson 7 Mixing The Female Vocal PT2
Section 4 – Lesson 8 Bouncing the female vocal PT1
Section 4 – Lesson 9 Mixing Female Vocals PT2
Section 4 – Lesson 10 Mixing Male Vocals PT1
Section 4 – Lesson 11 Mixing Male Vocals PT2
Section 4 – Lesson 12 Mixing Female Vocals into the track
Section 4 – Lesson 13 Mixing Male Vocals into the track
Section 4 – Lesson 14 Adding Delay And Reverb To The Vocals

Section 5 – Lesson 1 Mixing the Pads
Section 5 -Lesson 2 Mixing the Pads PT2
Section 5 – Lesson 3 Mixing The Main Melody
Section 5 – Lesson 4 Mixing The Electro Riff
Section 5 – Lesson 5 Mixing The Jupiter Melody
Section 5 – Lesson 6 Mixing The FX
Section 5 – Lesson 7 Mixing Guitar and String
Section 5 – Lesson 8 Mixing Piano and Extra Vox
Section 5 – Lesson 9 Final Thoughts And Mix Tweaks

Section 6 – Lesson 1 Mastering Intro
Section 6 – Lesson 2 Mastering Chain
Section 6 – Lesson 3 Vintage Warmer and Compressor
Section 6 – Lesson 4 Brainworx BX Digital V2 EQ
Section 6 – Lesson 5 Working with stems
Section 6 – lesson 6 Saturation
Section 6 – Lesson 7 Limiting and Loudness
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”2Htr_noNTQ8″ title=”Mixing And Mastering With D Ramirez – The Master Chain” upload_time=”2013-11-26T20:37:54.000Z” description=”Free online music production tutorial with top international producer D.Ramirez Check out and purchase the full course for just £89.99 at for more online” duration=”PT11M44S”]

27 thoughts on “Mixing And Mastering With D Ramirez – The Master Chain”

  1. He does a whole lot of things without any reason really.
    My advice would be: Don’t put anything on your master unless there is a
    good reason for it.

  2. Just turn the clap hits down or the whole mix down. It makes no sense to
    use a gain plugin just to reduce the mix by 2 db…….smh

  3. At around 1:10 he talks about his “mixing” videos. I can’t find them
    anywhere on this channel, can anyone enlighten me?

  4. got massive respect for this gut but i would have droped the entire mix by
    selecting all faders not a master gain…..people do it thoe…fair
    play…. P.S your sounds in the trigger finger pro expansions are
    siiiick mate…luvit…

  5. +SubBass Academy of Electronic Music Would love to see something on
    Mastering using Waves Plug Ins.. I own and use those in my studio. What is
    your opinion on waves?

  6. How come all of your channels Volumes are set at 0. Are you mixing with
    each compressor volume or something.

  7. no offense but an optical compressor doesn’t really catch peaks. It’s slow
    attack (in analog because the compressor reacts to a light signal
    representing the sound passing through hence it’s name, optical compressor)
    and multistage release which depends on the material make it ideal for
    compression that let’s peaks through and sounds very natural because of
    this. The discrete compressor (vca) however can catch peaks quite well
    since it can use a much faster attack.

  8. This has been super helpful, I have a video that discusses some similar
    themes but with a bit of a different spin, check it out!

  9. Tape Saturation -> EQ (Or stereo/mono correction if you have a good mix) ->
    Comp -> Limiter…. thats the same order i have!! well… different plugins
    (iZotope, Waves & FL Studio native plugins) but im on a right way :D

  10. NO its absolutely NOT ok to use a gain plugin to avoid clipping on the
    master, you should lower all channels the same (tiny) amount, so there
    won`t be clipping at the master… btw. instead of using a gain plugin in
    the master you could lower the master fader… no need for a gain plugin.

  11. Excellent work on this video. You got skills. Let me know when you upload
    new vids, maybe we can help in some way.

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