Mixing/ Mastering/ EQ-ing Tutorial (FL Studio)

Mixing/ Mastering/ EQ-ing Tutorial (FL Studio)
Mixing/ Mastering/ EQ-ing tutorial in FL Studio
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”bzxz89fXj1g” title=”Mixing/ Mastering/ EQ-ing Tutorial (FL Studio)” upload_time=”2013-03-16T12:32:11.000Z” description=”Mixing/ Mastering/ EQ-ing tutorial in FL Studio” duration=”PT15M34S”]

10 thoughts on “Mixing/ Mastering/ EQ-ing Tutorial (FL Studio)”

  1. Okay . My Opinion – YOu’re times better than SeamlessR at teaching. His
    vids are too in depth I mean tooo much and tooooo long ! Thank you man!

  2. When you export to wav turning up the MP3 bitrate does nothing lol unless
    you have MP3 selected

  3. 4:15 can u make a tutorail about layering and how to find the sound you
    want. i have a big peoble, getting the sound i want for example when im
    going to make a reamek. I dont know how to get the sound from the originals

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