Mixing & Mastering In Ableton – Overview

Mixing & Mastering In Ableton – Overview
This video is a quick demonstration of some of the example projects that students can download on the Mixing Dance Music in Ableton course which launches in April 2011.

The course has been developed by producer and remixer Danny J Lewis who has releases on labels including Defected, Masters At Work, Ministry of Sound and XL Recordings. It also features contributions from other Point Blank tutors such as Grammy nominee Mike Koglin (Noys Music). Thanks to this expert input, the course is perfect for producers of any style of electronic music.

Head to the course page for a full lowdown on the course

Point Blank music school, based in London, has been voted “Best Music Production & DJ College” six times at the annual T-Scan Awards. We offer professional tutorage and guidance (both here in London and online) in a various aspects of the music industry, from production and DJ skills to, singing, radio production, and music business. Our courses are led by successful producers, artists, singers and industry insiders who teach in a switched-on environment with regular visits from industry figureheads, DJs, producers and more. If you want a solid grounding in any of the above skills, plus increased job opportunities, then Point Blank is the place for you. Please head over our website to find out more about our courses ::
Point Blank Music Production College prides itself on:-
Personalised teaching from music industry professionals.
Small, intimate classes with state-of-the-art equipment.
Real connections to the music industry.
Proven results for students.
Reliability, experience and credibility (over 15 years in business).
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”HA0wTKIwdxg” title=”Mixing & Mastering In Ableton – Overview” upload_time=”2011-04-04T09:58:00.000Z” description=” This video is a quick demonstration of some of the example projects that students can download on the Mixing Dance Music in Ableton course which launches in” duration=”PT5M37S”]

22 thoughts on “Mixing & Mastering In Ableton – Overview”

  1. @3METALover3 throw a multiband compressor on the master and throw a limiter
    on ur loud ass basslines coupled with a compressor turn the threshold down
    just a little on the regular compressor also the operator is boss if u know
    how to use it.

  2. hi great video. where can i find the session files? do i have to sign up
    then i get to do the course and get the session files? it it a free
    service? thanks!

  3. Hi there, you can find all the course information and how to enrol via the
    link in the description above. All students get access to download the
    projects that you can see in this video. It isn’t free though! If you have
    any more questions please get in touch with our course advisors on enrol
    [at] pointblankonline [dot] net Hope that helps Nick PB

  4. It’s really difficult to offer any useful advice without hearing your
    track(s). You should check out the Mixing Dance Music course on our website
    (link in the description above). You get to upload your tracks to a pro mix
    engineer each week and have him give a one to one video analysis of your
    Ableton project. The course also includes loads more video content like the
    tutorial above. All accessible to you 24/7 for a full year.

  5. When mastering do i want to make sure the master channel is at around -3db
    or do i want to make all the individual tracks roughly peak at are ound-3db
    leaving the master channel at 0 where it is

  6. How private are the projects that students send to you? I mean, why says
    you won’t ‘borrow’ patches / settings / ideas ? I don’t mean this in a
    hostile way! Respectfully, i’m just wondering so i ask.

  7. If we were going to ‘borrow’ or use a student’s creations, we would ask
    permission first, like any respectable organisation.

  8. In fairness, given the amount of tutorials and patches you guys give away
    here for free, I’d be thrilled if you “borrowed” one of my patches.

  9. This has nothing to do with mixing and mastering you showed me nothing and
    wasted my time CHANGE THE TITLE

  10. Hell yeah! Thanks for the tutorial! My favorite part was the mixing and
    mastering part!

    Oh wait……

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