Mixing & Mastering In FL Studio: Maximus Pt.1

Mixing & Mastering In FL Studio: Maximus Pt.1
introduction to my mixing and mastering in FL studio

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”J3bzxuOke4A” title=”Mixing & Mastering In FL Studio: Maximus Pt.1″ upload_time=”2015-06-24T17:27:01.000Z” description=”introduction to my mixing and mastering in FL studio social media links ” duration=”PT23M57S”]

17 thoughts on “Mixing & Mastering In FL Studio: Maximus Pt.1”

  1. You helped me out alot bruh. When I started making beats I went straight in
    no help.
    Had to come back a learn all this lol. I got a question though. Its a
    video with lex saying he like to make his beats grimmy, muddy & etc.. does
    that have to do anything with mixing?

  2. I used a synth similar to the one in the intro of this beat. Any
    suggestions on how to mix it? I want the synth to sound more
    controlled/squeezed without going overboard. I want it to sound big and fit
    into the mix, but it sounds too “buzzy” for me if that makes sense. I can
    turn it down but that decreases its presence.

  3. I need some help please! When i export my beat, it is a lower volume than
    standard songs, but it is at 0db on master track. Is the standard db level
    above 0?? If so, how would i make my track loud enough with no distortion?

  4. THank You Ave! this honestly helped alot with my Beats am adding more
    things to my arsenal,keep up the good work brother!

  5. funny how music production people on youtube always have shit mics and
    don’t noise gate it or anything – good tutorial though

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