Mixing & Mastering Vocals, EQ, Compression Basics Fl Studio 10

Mixing & Mastering Vocals, EQ, Compression Basics Fl Studio 10
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In this video I will be covering some of the basics of Mixing and Mastering with Fl Studio. Included are segments of basic compression of vocals, basic equalizing of vocals and stero shaping of vocals. All the plugins used in the video are basic plugins that come with Fl Studio for free. No additional download is required after the purchase of Fl Studio.

Copyright Collin Stoffel 02.10.2013

**Mixing and Mastering**

I have been so many requests regarding Mixing and Mastering your songs that I’ve decided to offer you guys to do it for you. BUT I am just simply not able to do it for free, allthough it is so much fun for me to work with you guys and I love doing it. Mixing a track, sending it back and forth and getting it to perfection, sometimes takes several days !

So this is my offer:

-Full Mix AND Master for your song (This includes effects if requested) – 25$ per song

-Master only (This will fatten up the track, and make it sound more full) -15$ per song

-Mixing & Mastering a complete album up to 11 Songs: 150$ all songs

*These prices are litterally cheap as hell and I am really only charging it, because I simply wouldnt have the time to do all your songs otherwise.

If you want me to take on your song, please contact me at:


**Payments only accepted via PayPal as its safe and secure for both parties.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”OsY_ycLnc5A” title=”Mixing & Mastering Vocals, EQ, Compression Basics Fl Studio 10″ upload_time=”2013-10-02T14:54:34.000Z” description=” Click here for 10% OFF of a legitimate copy of FL Studio!!! I just found this and thought I would share! Thanks guys! Enjoy the video. – Get the newest content” duration=”PT13M51S”]

34 thoughts on “Mixing & Mastering Vocals, EQ, Compression Basics Fl Studio 10”

  1. when you played the song back with everything you just did, the vox still
    kinda sounded a bit weird. just wondering if thats how they were finished
    or if you werent quite done and just using that as example. it sounded
    slightly ‘phazer-y’ or ‘sidechain’y’ still

  2. Thanks a lot man! So many people don’t have good tutorials, and this one
    was very helpful! How exactly do you make the fill however? Do you just
    copy the main vocals and reduce the volume and delay it slightly? Also do
    you have the vocals be in the middle or did you double it and PAN it

  3. I’m gonna try that stereo shaper and put multiband comp at the master
    track. thanks. i liked this video bro

  4. Great Tut my Brother!!! I have 3 Questions Sir…
    1. Is it true that in the efx side – say at the top you place an (EQ) –
    then – under that eq you add a (Compressor) – Then under that you add a
    Delay – Is it true that FL-Studio inserts those efx in order as chosen on
    the list??? Don’t know if I make sence Sir, but I just wanna to understand
    the order of adding efx/Eq/Compressor/Reverb/Delay… to vocals and how to
    add all this to just to the Music…in proper order Sir???
    2. Do you have a TuT on how to Insert the [stems of a song] into FL-11???
    and 3. I have a 4pc band Mr. Collins – [ vocal – guitar – bass – drums ] Do
    you have a TuT on how to MIX a 4-pc band Sir???
    Note: I like how you are clear and transparent on how you do things and
    your very alive and you explain so no-messy-like! Thank you for your help
    Sir. Keep up the great work. About me… I am a Beginner Adult & I take my
    learning serious Sir and I like the way you teach brother!!! God Bless ya
    and I look forward to more of your Tuts Sir!!! 2/15/16 EST

  5. can u upload a tutorial video showing how to create the perfect beat fr a
    song including some other instruents?….thnx in advance…

  6. If everyone will accept with me that this guy way brief and still make a
    lot of sense … I love your tut … You made a lot of impart . Thanks a
    lot . How can I support you and reach you . Await reply

  7. can u do a tutorial how to put delay on your voice but it dont affect the

  8. Those darn fruity paramedics are gaying up the hospital lol – just playing,
    but nice video though :P

  9. hey bro wassup. how to link a sound card wit fl studio n how to manage

  10. Awesome tutorial! Strait to the point and and you show each step with clear
    explanation! you just gained a new sub :D

  11. Dude your the real mvp. I jsut looked at three of your vids while working
    on a track and the track I’m working on sounds high quality. Thank you for
    teaching us bro. Hope you do well and succeed at all your endeavors.

  12. Cool work on this vid. You got skills. Let me know when you upload new
    vids, maybe we can help in some way.

  13. when i record vocals, the waves are very thin, but you can hear me and the
    color/levels are there, you can see its picking up sound. its just so
    small. with my guitar too, compared to your wavelength and idk how to
    google that problem.

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