Mixing/Mastering Reason 6

Mixing/Mastering Reason 6
With a request made, I attempted to explain my mixing workflow to @vibestouch1 with a track sent to me by @caribbeanblend… The instrumental was sounding great before I started adding my touches to it. Thanks !!!!

I’m using Reason 6, but this technique can be used with any DAW made.

This Reason 6 Tutorial is geared towards people exploring the Mixing and Mastering Effects in Reason. I am not a expert. You may learn something, you may not. If you find it hard following my direction watch some of my older vids to catch up.

Thanks for your participation and continue making good music.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”ho4JJGnQSoQ” title=”Mixing/Mastering Reason 6″ upload_time=”2011-12-02T12:30:41.000Z” description=”With a request made, I attempted to explain my mixing workflow to @vibestouch1 with a track sent to me by @caribbeanblend… The instrumental was sounding great” duration=”PT26M24S”]

24 thoughts on “Mixing/Mastering Reason 6”

  1. On my external hard drive in my REASON 5 FILES folder, that folder was a
    created folder not a random one from the installation

  2. Honestly, I think the bass is set way to high .. I can’t hear the kick
    through there. Just sayin, not tryin to sound cocky or anything lol :D

  3. this is a great tutorial but i think my levels are really bad in the song i
    uploaded in my youtube channel, you guys should check it out (: 

  4. @xMass… sure you can. Reason 6 is nothing more than Reason 5 with Record
    bundled in. Essentially 6 gives you the ability to directly record audio
    into your projects now. I would jump right to 6.5 as this now allows users
    to take advantage of third party plugins via Rack Extensions.

  5. Honestly, it sounded fine to me because I didn’t spend 20 dollars on shitty
    speakers hahhahahahahaha

  6. Nice tune. Actually great! You added zillions of instruments and im
    thinking your computer can’t handle it, so sound vibrate and loose in

  7. Loose what in the moments ??? It is my opinion and I’m just showing off
    techniques to make sounds… PHAT…

  8. Thanks bro I appreciate the vid im working on my first project and I have
    been using reason since reason 3 dropped along with logic pro 9 so thanks
    for the tips

  9. i been having and issue with Reason five , i have limited cpu so i cant
    rewire into pro-tools so i mix in reason and dump to pro-tools, for the
    purpose of demoing a song , but when i go back to reason to do editing and
    automation when i dump the beat back into pro-tools the pitch and tone
    change on my harmonies and mellodies even tho I dont even touch them, i
    dont think its the sample and bit rate because i dump them as 48 and 24 in
    both programs or 24 to 16 for that matter can anyone help me out there that
    may have been confronted with this problem? PLEASE ITS DRIVING ME NUTS!!! 

  10. Great to make a thing on mixing, and your voiceover is so bad, with so much
    noise that I never had the change to listen to what you have to say……
    and please smoke a little less weed next time….

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