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Multilingual Digital Marketing – 6 Languages – Steffen Kelle Polyglot (2012)

Multilingual Digital Marketing – 6 Languages – Steffen Kelle Polyglot (2012)
This is Steffen Kelle’s video CV (2012) in 6 languages: English, Swedish, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

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Video directed and edited by Benoît Derrier at the Stockholm Public Library

song: Pull A Star Trip – “Marianne”
composed and performed by Steffen Kelle

This video was inspired by these great minds:
Professor Alexander Arguelles –
Richard Simcott –
Luca Lampariello –
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”LKM-bMVQXlo” title=”Multilingual Digital Marketing – 6 Languages – Steffen Kelle Polyglot (2012)” upload_time=”2012-02-03T12:21:09.000Z” description=”This is Steffen Kelle’s video CV (2012) in 6 languages: English, Swedish, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. get in touch: Video” duration=”PT1M45S”]

28 thoughts on “Multilingual Digital Marketing – 6 Languages – Steffen Kelle Polyglot (2012)”

  1. Yeah I hear you there are only so many hours you are at home. yeah a lot of people have jobs and stuff. Also how do you do it to know so many languages and not forget them? do you practice each language a lot?

  2. Well, I practise them every day if I can. I am fortunate enough to have international friends everywhere, I try to meet them at least once or twice a week. In addition, I got my Facebook in Swedish, my iPhone in Spanish, my mac in French… in essence I try to use my languages in a “natural” manner, without worrying to much about the fact that I “have” to study + since I am a football maniac:) I read sports news on four different sites in four different languages almost every day. Fun is the key

  3. Ein sehr gelungenes Video, Steffen, Grüsse aus Ohio, USA von einem Polyglott, der Deutsch und Französisch unterrichtet.

  4. Thank you! I hope I will have the time to upload a few more videos. Very impressed by your videos as well! Amazing…

  5. Danke sehr!:) Es freut mich, dass es dir gefällt. Wo genau aus Ohio kommst du?
    Ich kenne leider nur Dayton, OH, habe dort mal ein Konzert mit meiner Band gespielt. Ist allerdings schon 5 Jahre her.

  6. Ja, die Welt ist klein, ich komme aus West Carrollton, Ohio, das ist ein Vorort von Dayton, etw. 9 Meilen südlich von Dayton.

  7. You’d make an excellent boyfriend (if you’re not one already) 🙂

    What would be the best way to contact you if I wanted some online marketing done?

  8. Ha. Thank you Lola:) And nope, not anyone’s right now;)
    Please send an email to me(at)steffenkelle(dot)com and I’ll get in touch.

  9. Hey , When you started to learning languages? and How long time did you take to speak all them … I’m Curious 😀

  10. Hi Michael. I started learning English at school when I was 11/12. It differs from language to language. Whenever I lived in a country where the language was spoken I picked it up quite fast, I can only encourage you to take that step/the risk and try learning a language abroad.

  11. tens um bom português mas tens de “abrir mais a boca” ou projetar a voz pois tive muita dificuldade em entender!

    Parabéns de qualquer forma e um abraço de Portugal

  12. You should learn Farsi. Incredibly easy to speak and understand. Incredibly difficult to read and write. If I were you, and you were learning Farsi, I wouldn’t even try to read and write, but hey, if you choose to, that is awesome.

  13. So.. you are smart, you speak 6 languages, you play piano and guitar, you have a company and you are also ridiculously handsome.. nice.. and ohhhh you are single! so there is hope that boys like you are not extinct..

  14. Hi there, I speak several languages, learning them through travels abroad, family, and uni, do you have any books or other sources you like to learn languages from? Thanks!

  15. Tack snälla! Took me quite a while to get that down and was still made fun of by my Swedish friends when I said certain words (funny enough “Swenglish ones like kul (cool)”). Yet I think I got there close enough 🙂

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